Hair growth after chemo

I finished chemo 4 weeks ago and cold capped thgroughout. Whilst I have kept most of my hair it is very fine, brittle and weak. Can anyone advise me of a strengthening shampoo and conditioner that may help

Many thanks

Hi Mac
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Best wishes
Lucy BCC

Hi I used dove shampoo and conditioner through out my chemo just had first trim yesterday :slight_smile: Hairdresser said my hair was nice and strong, it was quite curly growing back but now I have had a trim looks a bit like Julie Andrews lol finished chemo back in January. Good Luck xx

I was advised to check out the Trevor Sorbie publication on line - its called Mynewhair not sure if it will help but I daresay you may get some tips from it

Hi Mac,


I’ve been using a bar shampoo from Lush. I finished chemo October 2012. and if you want to see my hair diary to see where you could be in about a year’s time I’ve kept a hair diary here:


Love Jelly x

Wow Jellytot, your blog is amazing-thanks for sharing. My hair does sem to be getting thicker albeit slowly. Its also very grey now as I always had it coloured before. My eyebrows are almost non existent but with a bit of make up, you would never know :smileyhappy: Thanks again x

Oops-sorry folks, I forgot to thank all of you for taking the time to reply. Thank you all so much x