Hair growth after chemotherapy.

Good evening everyone and hoping you are enjoying the beautiful Easter weather :sun_behind_small_cloud: :sun_behind_small_cloud:

i have a question i’m hoping you can answer " i am 8 months post chemo now and my hair is growing well.  My hair before my chemo had began to thin a little and it was mousey brown in colour with some silver throught it.

fast forward and my hair is so much thicker now and the colour is totally different.  It is much darker,  almost black with lots of silver, i believe its known as " like salt n pepper "

what i would like to know is will my hair stay like this now or will it eventually return to how it used to be ??  Thank you lovely ladies x mini mad xx :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Hi mini mad 

My hair ‘before’ was very fine, very straight and had a couple of patches of grey. Now it’s wiry, wavy, and all shades of grey, with none of my original colour left…and without an appointment to have it cut in the foreseeable future it’s going to get out of control! 
I used to pay to have a curly perm (a long time ago, but for many years!) so I’m not totally adverse to the waves, but these don’t lie flat and as they grow they get more out of control. I’ve never needed hair straighteners before…thinking I might have to invest!! 

I’m 2 years from the start of regrowth so think I’m stuck with it. It really makes you question what damage the chemo did to our bodies, to have altered the hair follicles permanently (for me). 

Take care, stay safe. 
Butterfly xx