Hair Growth after FEC

I hope I’ve put this in the right category, couldn’t find anywhere else to post it.
I finished 6 x FEC on April 25th and was wondering how long it will be before I can expect to see my hair growing back?
I’m probably being a bit impatient I suppose, would be good to hear other’s experiences.

Thanks, Katie xx

Hi, i had my last chemo on 28 March and i noticed it to start growing a couple of weeks ago. I don’t have much yet but it lookss like a shadow on my head and it seems to be light in colour which makes it harder to see! I was getting quite upset about it but better now i can see it sprouting! x

Hi , I am having chemo on Friday my 5th round of fec and my hair has started to grow back only a tiny bit but it is growing and even under my arms legs .So shocked thought it would be at the end of treatment .Hoping it will not take too long . Love Rosie

Hi, i had my last chemo on the 8th March and i have about 1cm of hair now, but i have shaved it twice as thus was recommended to me by my hairdresser. This was so it would grow back stronger and healthier, as don’t forget you have FEC still in your body.
Love Melanie1964a

I had 3 FEC followed by 3 TAX which I finished in the middle of November last year. My hair started to come back while on the first TAX and I was able to ditch the wig in February. Have to say though, generally my hair grows like a weed so this helped!

Thanks everyone, good to hear others experiences. I think I might have a wee bit coming back. It’s a bit hard to tell as I had a wee bit of a fuzz left anyway.
Just had mastectomy today and have been braver than I thought and have had to go wigless in front of other people in the ward :0. Went much better than I expected, everyone has been very kind.

Thanks again, Katie x

Morning Katie, hope you feeling ok this morning. I had 6 fec last one being nov. I stopped wearing my wig at the beginning of march and I went to hairdressers and we bleached it with 20% vol so I came out blonde. I was a long dark brunette before this now I am a yaz lookalike haha so my friends keep saying. I love my new look. It started sprouting in feb. hope this helps take care love Silver x

Yay, I managed to comment from my phone! First time. It took 10 weeks before I saw any growth. My hair felt like a metaphor for the whole recovery process…it seemed to take forever; once it started, it seemed the same each day to me, but others commented how much it had grown since they last saw me; and it’s come back different, as I have been changed by this experience. I have to learn to manage it anew, and learn to like it too… Hope yours isn’t too much longer. I remember the frustration well. Jane xx

just wanted to comment that this is lovely to read about everyones hair growing back. (iv had 2 fec and still got 2 to go plus 4 tax but looking forward to this when it starts to grow back.also being a baldy is not as bad as i imagined. i look pretty cute. all the best to you katielou and love to you other ladies too. keep up the good work. xxx kelly

Thanks everyone

Gi Jane, I. Don’t feel too worried now after reading your post. I don’t mind waiting as long as it comes back! I didn’t lose all of my eyebrows nd lashes but I have noticed some starting to grow back. To be fair, my hair left rather reluctantly so it might be a bit stubborn in coming back too.

Silverjill, looking like Yazz must be great, she looked fab and as she said, ‘the only way is up’!

All the best to you too babychops, doing the chemo is definitely the hardest part but that’s you 1/4 of the way there, it will be finished before you know it.

Thanks again
Katie xx

hair. it’s
glad you are feeling positiveKaty.hustjust been looking at weekly photos of hair growth, and it WAS agonizingly slow, but suddenly (ok, gradually suddenly!!) I had something you would know was curly now, which it never was, but it’s dead easy to manage, and I’m told it might go straight again after about 18 months … six months or so to go! keep well…

So true Katie the only way is up after chemo and loosing your hair. Mine too is curly Jane looks and styles lovely. I was told that when i get a god cut on it i might loose the curls. Hope i get to keep mine, But its hair and thats all that matters to me. I was standing in a que today and the lady in front of me had very badly damaged hair over use of heat producst. At least we dont have that problem.I dont even use a hair dryer on mine yet its still to sort to use one so i am saving energy too. I carn’t belive how quick it is to get ready for work ect. No hair dryer or straightner’s ect. So theres my up side to it hope you had a giggle.
Keep ya chin up and hold your head high
Silver x

I’m having a dilemma over my hair . I hope it’s ok to post on this thread?!
I’m going for my 3rd Fec on friday,I’ve got very fine hair and I’ve been using the cold cap up til now. Hair is getting a bit thin on top (although no bald patch as yet) and just don’t know whether it’s worth doing the cold cap again this time. I got my hair cut very short in prep for chemo and had my hubbie give it a trim again a few days ago. It’s not looking that good at the mo’ and I’m wearing a scarf or hat when I go out now.
I’ve decided to ignore the advice about only washing hair twice a week now. I might as well have the good of it while it’s here but I’m having that do I, don’t I shave it dilemma :0(
I am concerned about how long it’ll take to grow back too once it’s been shaved off.
Anyone got any advice what I should do?
I just don’t know if it’s going to get worst…it’s now 38 days since I started chemo.

Ive just had 4th chemo and currently look like a baby bird! …I to had long hair, then got a short cut, but when my hair started to go crunchy and fall out my hubbie shaved it and do you know what it was very liberating and I didn’t have to fret every morning looking at the pillow or getting out the shower, it was a huge relief.

I’m sure it is still growing a little too as there are a few tufts. I just like to think of the hair falling out as the chemo working, killing everything in its path and when I’m through the end of this nightmare it will grow back and that is a small price to pay if it kills the cancer.

I also had a comment from a friend after seeing me with (wig) and without and she said she prefers me without!!

I went to hospital for physio today and then to docs for bloods to be taken before I go for 3rd chemo tomorrow. Went out without anything on head and felt ok. As long as it’s not windy it’s not so bad.
I discussed with hubbie last night re hair and still not sure what to do!?! He says do what I feel is best.
I’m still diliberating over using cold cap again as well…ugh!
When you say your hair started to fall out Katsteer, do you mean it came out in clumps?, you could actually see definite clumps of hair on your pillow and going down plug hole? I am seeing stray hairs coming out and there is definitely a thinner patch on top of my head but the hair around sides and back of my head are still looking relatively ok. If I was loosing more I’d definitely make the decision to shave but as it is, it’s difficult for me to decide being so close to my next chemo as well doesn’t help. I’m not worried about shaving it…just trying the get the right balance between actually needing to do it cos of baldy bits or keeping hold of it cos it’s not that bad…
Stupid irrelevant thing really isn’t it when you look at the bigger picture. As you say…it’s doing a job and the hair will grow back. I’ll keep on diliberating…

My hair was falling fast and I just didn’t want to see myself with patches, so made the decision to shave and it helped me deal with the hair loss. I had spoken to the bc nurse about hair loss and she basically said it was almost a definite with bc that hair falls out and that old cap just prolongs …

As I said I shaved mine as it was going crunchy when you felt it, it lost all it’s lustre and I didn’t want to brush my hair had see it coming out.

Hi there

I used cold cap for first two FEC, but after second I noticed my hair was thinning significantly. My son’s 18th birthday was looming and I was getting in a state about my hair falling out over all the guests (daft I know). So I decided that I would get it shaved off and wear a wig. I felt it was one of the few things I was still in control of.

I do not know how much hair I would have lost had I continued with the cold cap, but I do know that once I made the decision I stopped worrying about it and that was a huge relief.

I finished chemo almost three weeks ago now and already have a fluffy coating on my head. I am now impatient for more growth so I can ditch the wig.

Hi there. I am a year past chemo and was beginning to think my hair would never grow! Although much thinner than before, I now have a decent covering. Just had a darker colour put in and for the first time I can feel good about my hair. My oncologist said it is very rare for hair not to come back so I just had to trust her that it would. The wig, hats and bandanas have been thrown into the back of the cupboard hooray! They say patience is a virtue but I don’t feel virtuous. The waiting was hard. Wishing you all rapid hair growth :slight_smile: x