Hair growth before the end of chemo?

Has anybody else experienced this?

I’m having what I believe is called her2 treatment with docetaxl, carboplatin, trastuzamab and pertuzamab. My hair fell out quite quickly, but never fully disappeared. I shaved my head and have had soft wispy thin baby hair since. My pubic hair fell out completely but my leg hair has never fallen out and my eyebrows and eyelashes are still mostly there. 

I’ve just noticed that I have some small, thin hairs starting to grow in the pubic region. And I’m convinced that the original baby hair on my head is getting longer. Is this normal? Does the fact that my hair didn’t completely fall out mean that the treatment hasn’t been as effective or something?

I asked the same thing because I experienced much the same as you. Leg hair never fell out completely although it stopped growing. Same with arm hair. Pubic hair was pretty much gone but kept some of my head hair. I did cold cap though so there’s that. Anyway my hair on my head started coming back in fourth cycle. Pubic hair waited a while and my eyelashes didn’t fall out until four weeks after my last cycle when the new ones were starting to come in. That was weird. I did lose my eyebrows in my third cycle and they started coming back about two weeks after my last cycle. But my oncologist told me that hair grows in spurts so chemo may not hit it all at once and sometimes you won’t lose all of it. It just depends but has nothing to do with effectiveness. I mean think about it. You did lose most of it after all so it has done something.