Hair loss after chemo

I finished my last round just over 4 weeks ago. I had 3 EC and 3 docetaxyl. I cold capped and my hair thinned but is still falling out, any ideas when it will stop shedding?

Everyone is different, just give yourself time and look after it. I cold capped and managed to keep half of mine after 10 rounds of Taxyl/carbo. It kept coming out for about 6 weeks after, then returned to normalish shedding. Unfortunately, 1 round of EC 3 weeks ago has already caused what I had left to fall out completely. So, just be gentle with it, persevere, and look forward to the fluffy halo of regrowing hair inbetween your saved hair!!! :blush: xx

I had the same chemo cycles as you and cold capped all but the last one (I was just too battered!) so lost most- not all. It did shed for a while but by 3 months after completion (at the very latest) had a good amount so felt fine going uncovered. At first came back a dull grey (although in my 69s my hair hasn’t gone grey yet) but changed back to my usual colour within a few weeks. Best of luck.

I think it depends on the persons hair type and maybe condition before. I cold capped onlynonce as it was falling out just after 1 EC…I didnt want parches so just cut it short…it mostly fell out…now on 7 tomorrow or 8. So once complete hoping it starts to grown again.


I cold capped and kept most of my hair, shed a bit and two small patches above my ears after 12 weeks of Paclitaxel.

I found this charity very helpful, you can email or call for advise. Jasmine works with look good feel better charity and worked with Trevor Sorbie.

Also Paxman

I hope it helps🥰

Wow Tabby-Lou you’ve done well to keep hair that long if you’ve not cold capped.

Mine started coming out 13 days after I had my first EC - as I was told it would. I think I was as bald as a coot all over within another 2 weeks. It started growing back in the middle of my 9 weekly Paclitaxel course - but, of course, the first back was nose hair obvs! :woman_facepalming: I think this was just shy of 3 months after it started falling out.

By 5 months I was happy to go out without a wig. People thought I had braved the shave for charity. I didn’t put them right if they didn’t know :wink:

3 years later, I am finally going back platinum blonde next week after embracing my natural grey - have had highlights to stop me looking like a badger :badger:

Everyone is different so you can’t tell. Just like you can’t tell when it will grow back or what it will be like.

Best wishes

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I had 3 EC and 3 Docetaxel and cold capped throughout. I lost most of my hair during the EC treatments, but my eyelashes and eyebrows hung on til the Docetaxel. My fall out had finished by the third EC, and regrow started about a month after my last Docetaxel. Give yourself some more time, then chat to your nurses if theres still no improvement.

Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your replies x

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