Hair loss again after changing to new drugs

Hi, I was just wondering if you lose any of the re-growth when you start new chemo drugs. So for example, I’ve just finished 11 weeks of PC and due to start EC next week. Over the last few weeks I’ve grown some very fine new hair but will that fall out because of the new drugs?


Hi Emma , I’ve got 3 more paclitaxel ( of 12) to go then start EC, same as you my hair has started to grow back very fine fuzz after coming out at week 5/6. I’ve been told to expect to lose all that after 1st or 2nd EC .

it is what it is I guess, but maybe won’t be same for you, maybe you’ll get to keep it.

have you lost all your other hair?..I still have eyebrows And lashes and some pubic hair…but no nasal hairs, no hair on arms and legs.  

good luck with EC x

Hi Emma

I had 3 x EC, followed by 9 paclitaxel. My hair started sliding out after my first EC treatment so I went for a no 6 buzzcut. I didn’t lose all my hair during EC, maybe half, but I can’t say I maintained a good head of hair - I was just grateful for my thin covering by the end of the treatment, especially as I was told I definitely would lose my hair with paclitaxel. It’s cold comfort but I’m thinking you’ll get double the pleasure of that regrowth - I can’t tell you how much time I spent stroking my head every day!!

All the best with the rest of your chemo x

I had 4 cycles of EC and lost most of my hair, was delighted when it started to regrow about a week after the last cycle.  I then switched to Carboplatin and Abraxane and was horrified when my six weeks of regrowth started to fall out again.  I’m now pretty much completely bald, and the eyebrows are on their last legs.  Still have some hair on my legs, which is annoying!  So I’m afraid you may well lose your new hair.  I really struggled with it, it was devastating the first time but felt like a real kick in the teeth when it all  happened again!