Hair loss....Again!

Hi my name is Lisa, I was diagnosed with BC in Dec 2009, I have gone through the whole treatment/surgery etc. My hair has grown back really thick with a will of its own! But I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that it has really thinned out at the temples, so much so I am begining to be conscious of it…has this happened to anyone else? When my eyelashes first grew back they were really thick, then they all dropped out again! They are growing back again now but I am worried that the same will happen to my hair? Can anybody advise me?

Hi Lisa
Yes, me too. My hair has thinned in recent months-not sure how noticeable it is to anyone else, but is to me-especially around the temples as you mention.It grew back slowly but reasonably thickly after treatment. My lashes/brows are also thinner,but not sure they grew back as thick as they were anyway. I’ve wondered if it is a side effect of tamoxifen, or due to other drugs (un bc related)I take-I know they can have a hair thinning effect as well. I have also wondered if it could be a symptom of early menopause brought on by treatment (My mum’s hair thinned similarly at menopause. Don’t know if any of that is useful, I hope you get some more answers.

Thanks C…I did wonder if it was Tamox related…I will read the small print! My hair really is changing again…I just hpoe I don’t end up looking like Dracular!
Thanks for taking the time to post. Take

Hi there
anything that affects ur hormones can affect hair loss (eg pregnancy, meds etc) so the tamoxifen might well be the culprit. Have you tried to shampoo bar from lush? It’s red cinnamon scented + specifically designed to stimulate hair follicles etc for those with hormonal hair loss. Only about a fiver so might be worth a try. I used it post chemo + my hair grew quickly + thick.
Also I’ve read that when hair is lost + then later regrows at same time, it is possible to experience noticable thinning as you ladies are explaining. For example, we lose hair + eyelashes every day as hair grows + sheds in cycles. However, usually each hair/ lash has it’s own cycle so they fall out at different stages + so we don’t notice. Post chemo however, all the hairs + lashes have started their growth cycle at same (ish) time and so the cycle can end at similar times too, resulting in noticable loss of head hair + lashes.
I also use cargo mascara from boots which is clinically proven to boost lash growth + I’ve seen a real difference.
Hope this helps+ isn’t as clear as mud!!
All the best
tina x

Hello Tina,

Thank you for the advise, I will definately pop into ‘Lush’. You also make sence with your other thoughts…Tamoxafin might be the culprit tho I think.

Thank you for taking the time to post.