hair loss and head scarves

Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone could recommend any websites for nice head scarves. I will be starting chemo in a few weeks and would like to have one ready so my children can get used to it. I have looked around but don’t know the best type/styles to get.
Helen x

Hi Helen,

I bought some hats from hats4heads, and now on day 18 after first FEC, my hair is falling out despite cc and have been wearing my hats to get myself and boys used to it on the school run/playground. I prefer the cap type hats and have some sun hats, too, which will also be wearable after treatment, have some beanies, too from bold beanies
and there is a lot of choice on!
I went into town and tried a few things on in Accessorize and M&S and then ordered online.
Good Luck! xxxTina

Hi Helen,

I struggled with headscarves, but found Buffs were marvellous - very easy to wear, comfortable and secure. Your head can look quite small in one once all your hair has gone, but by scrunching a second one up to wear as a kind of headband on top of the first, the effect can be very flattering!

It’s a good idea to get the children used to the idea. Have you got the book Mummy’s Lump? (it’s from Breast Cancer Care and can be ordered free). It is a lovely picture book, aimed at young children, but my 3 up to age 14 all went through it too, and it has a lovely illustration of Mummy’s wig hanging on the bed whilst the daughter ties a headscarf on the dog!

Best wishes,

i got most of my favourite scarves from asda,


I bought a number of scarves from Bohemia Fashions - brilliant service - order one day and arrive the next, even during the snow. They are also great for beanies - you may not need these in the summer but are useful to have one by the door incase you need to answer it when your aren’t wearing anything on your head.

However my best buys have been from Primark. They have a few scarves for £2 each. They have long frills round them but they were really easy to unpick. I have had quite a few compliments about them.

Scarfhut do a velour turban in different colours. I got 1 after admiring another lady’s at hospital. It was the only thing I saw that didn’t scream ‘Cancer Patient’ & the only thing apart from the wig that I was ever seen in public with. I’m not clever enough to put a link on here, but you will find them if you Google.

i bought a number of tied bandanas and buffs from Bohemia, but have used the buffs more as I find them softer and lighter to wear. I like to use buffs during the winter instead of a scarf so I will use them afterwards.

My hair is now starting to grow again (not enough to see yet!), so I am avoiding wearing the wig as it can be a bit hot and scratchy.

Good luck


Hi Lolly

It is nearly a year since I was diagnosed and remember being in the same predicament! I bought some from Bohemia and found them really comfy to wear. I also bought some plain pashmina type scarves (they were really cheap and cheerful) and got into tying them in different ways. Everyone always commented on how nice they looked.

Good luck with your treatment

I love this site, It cheered me up so much - the woman looks miles better than I do with hair!

I noticed some really nice scarves today in H & M - about £8 each. They had a good selection of patterns and colours, and they weren’t too heavy, so good for the summer

I used Bohemia which someone else mentioned. I found the pre-tied ones really easy to use - no faffing around! I preferred the padded ones as it gives a bit of height. Good luck with your treatment, wish you all the best.


I bought most of my headwear from

Great idea to get them used to them I think.
I bought mine from the High Street-top shop and H&M particularly, zara, plus Monsoon for special ones! Sarongs can work if you cut them,depending on the fabric-I had a couple I did that with.I found the cotton/jersey type easier to tie-silky and shinier ones tended to slip. Make sure they feel nice to touch-if the material is a a bit scratchy on your hand, it will itch like mad on your head-I had to ditch a few like this along the way! I tended to cut/fold the longer ones to make a square because I found them easier to tie, some of the slimmer ones I left long and let the ends hang down at the back.
Hope of some help.
Best Cx

I used for scarves etc. Their “bedtime” hats were really comfy for those autumn/winter nights when sleeping hairless was just too chilly a prospect.