Hair loss & Docetaxel

Hello everyone

I’m a second time round breast cancer. patient. I was diagnosed with ER and PR positive IDC in 2002 and had 4 rounds of epirubicin followed by 4 rounds of cyclophosphamide, methotrexate and 5FU. I was diagnosed again at the end of November 2022 with a second new primary in the other breast, this time grade three, stage 3a, ER-,PR-, HER2+.

Because I had already had epirubicin my Oncologist has put me on Docetaxel and Carboplatin with Phesgo. I’ve had three cycles now. I am not cold capping (did that last time - never again!) but have not lost my hair. Should I be grateful for small mercies or is this a sign that the chemo isn’t working?

At my last meeting with the oncologist she asked me if I had noticed any changes in my lumps. I can’t and was rather surprised that one would be able to after only two cycles at the time of the meeting.

May I ask what your own experiences have been please?

Welcome to the forum , I’m sorry you’ve not had a reply yet . Maybe you could also post in the chemotherapy section ? Certain types of chemo don’t seem to have quite the same impact on hair loss so hopefully it doing it’s job .

you could also ask about this in the ask the nurses section ?