Hair loss due to chemo

 Hi, I wonder if anyone can give me some tips/advice etc. either practicallly or on the emotional side of lossing your hair from chemo treatment.


My hair has started to fall out & emotionally I don’t know how I am feeling about it!!  I suppose maybe I am at the worse stage of the anticipation of all of my hair falling out and being bold and how I am going to cope.


Perhaps I am just being vain and it wil grow back but still!! 


I have got myself sorted with a wig that looks okay and a few hats but I don’t feel comfortable.


I feel I am over reacting but it is stressing me out.


I would appreciate any feedback


sunbean x 


Hi Sunbeam, 


Yesterday I posted a comment / paragraph on hair loss on the September 2018 chemo starters thread.  If you are about to start your chemo, pop onto that to join others in the same boat… 


of course its emotional losing your hair!!!  I helped myself by trying on a few scarves and playing with different looks.  It can actually be fun having a different look!  


If if you want to discuss further, please pm me.  


Hugs ?Georgie Gee xx 

Hi Sunbeam
It’s like anything else really, you do get used to it! My OH shaved mine off at the first sign of shedding which was 15 days post chemo no1. That was nearly four months ago and now I don’t give it a second thought. I keep finding myself about to go out with nothing on my head, I have to stop and grab a scarf as I’m not keen on being looked at. At home and with friends I’m just me without hair ? I have a lovely wig and some great chemo hats with chiffon scarves attached from Annabandana. It’s quite liberating and opens up a whole new world of style choices.
All best wishes to you
Jacq x

Sorry Sunbean not Sunbeam x

 Hi Georie Gee and Jacq


 Thanks for your inspiration and suggestions. i will loook on the September 2018 chemo thread. 


 Sunbean xx 

Hi did anyone else have a very itchy scalp after EC? It’s now day 15 and I’m wondering if this is a sign that my hair may be going to start to fall out. 

I don’t think you are over reacting at all! It’s normal. I am feeling exactly the same.

I have to agree with Anniej, the wake up and go no hair look is a revelation. I do not miss my 20 minute blow drys at all! And I do like my chemo scarves, my friend says I look like I’ve just stepped off of an expensive yacht. Very Jackie O!