Hair loss on Letrozole and Colouring Hair

I’ve been on Letrozole for 5 months now and my hair comes out in a handful when i wash it.

I dodn’t have chemo, just radiotherapy.

With lockdown i haven’t had it coloured.

Any advice welcomed as to whether colouring hair makes it come out more.

I still have plenty of hair but wopuld think twice about chemical colouring if it made it come out more.

Has any one had their hair coloured with organic treatments on letrozole or the like and what is your experience?

Any advice welcomed.



I’ve been on letrazole for just over 2 months I’ve not noticed any significant hair loss to be honest but I’ve had the flushes sweating at night and get quite weepy I dyed my hair a few weeks ago using Garnier Nutrisse with no problems at all It actually made me feel better  in myself to get rid of the lockdown grey Hope all goes well for your treatment xxx