hair loss on tax

Has anybody on low dose160 weekly of tax lost there hair or does it come out regardless of dose . I’m not showing any sign yet apart from tender scalp now and then but only had 2 rounds of chemo up to now . Just wondered should I expect to get sign of loss by now?

Hi budcat,
I have just completed my last Tax Chemotherapy , and although not having the same regime as yourself I was having tax, every 3 weeks at a reduced dose of fifteen percent. As I was using the Paxman cooling system and lost quite a lot of hair with FEC, I was quite anxious how much would be left after the Tax as I had quite a large bald spot on top and on the one side. My Oncologist told me that I would still loose hair with Tax but I also rang the Paxman advisors Who explained that hair loss with Tax is far less than FEC wigh a sucess rate of seventy five percent they urged me to carry on with the machine, either using a cover such as mepore over the bald patches or brushing over my own hair to cover the patches. True to their word I have experienced far less hair loss with tax, just the next 3 weeks to get through and I will know exactly what Im left with. Sorry for rambling on but I hope this helps. Will you be using cold cap treatment?

Ps, I hardly lost any hair first cycle but did see more hair loss probably around day 18 of second cycle x

No I carnt do cold cap. Thanks for your comments thou. Since being diagnosed I found
That everyone is so different with side effects.
Good luck with the rest of you treatment .