hair loss - PH neutral shampoo

Hi all

My mum is undergoing chemo at the moment and is starting to lose her hair despite using the cold cap. She has been told by her nurse to get PH Neutral shampoo which should help.

However we have looked everywhere and spoken to pharmasists and just cant find any anywhere. Was wondering if anyone could help in suggesting where we could get? Have looked online and still struggling - so any links would be much appreciated. I know Dove make PH neutral but she is allergic to dove.

Thanks for your help

Nycky x

Hi nyckyred
i used a soft shampoo such as a baby shampoo was ok - you dont need much. I too tried the cold cap for the first two chemos but it didnt work for me and ended up losing my hair.
hope that helps

Thank you Joules…

we will try that… This is her second time using the cap last friday, and they used a smaller one - so will have to wait and see how that goes. She’s upset about losing her hair so if we could try anything to help her…

My aunt has just managed to find one called Korres neutral shampoo… have never heard of that! so we can try both :slight_smile:

thanks for you help


Hi Nycky,

Gaia baby shampoo is PH neutral, it’s available on Amazon £6.99 free delivery.

Hi Nyckyred,

I used Simple shampoo, I spoke to Paxman and they actually said not to use baby shampoo.

I considered the cold cap a success as although I lost a lot of hair at the start, it grew and filled in during my other chemos. Now 3 months after finishing chemo I have a chin-length bob, but I did wear half headscarves during chemo and just after to cover the thinner areas which have now filled in. I had a sheddage of hair after each chemo - the biggest was about 25 days after my first chemo. My scalp was sore and lots came out BUT I persevered and kept quite a lot - and the hair that did fall out grew back during chemo as the follicles must have been receiving some protection and after chemo the hair that had fallen out at the start was about 4 or 5 cm long and I had the rest of my hair chopped into a shaggy bob to blend it in. I’m going to post a photo but have been avoiding cameras on account of all of the weight I’ve put on!


Thank you…

Sandy toes - you’ve cheered my mum up today reading your post. She has been so upset since her hair started falling out…

Just ordered a heap of shampoos from Amazon so hopefully she will be able to use at least one of them.

Thank you so much for all your help


hi i work in bodycare and they sell garnier nutralia ph neutral shampoo very cheap too!hope this helps