Hair loss / PICC

Well as expected day 18 post my first EC my hair is falling out rapidly which I thought I was prepared for but still a bit of an emotional roller coaster BUT I wonder how much longer what I have will last and my scalp is i really tender, any tips for the tenderness??
Also had PICC inserted today for really bad veins, forgot to ask how soon I can drive??

I don’t think there is much you can do about the tenderness of your scalp other than take pain relief. I found that it wore off as I approached 2nd chemo. I’ve used a cold cap so can’t really advise on how much longer your hair will last, but I’m a week past my 2nd and I have lost about 40% of my hair so far.

I drove home after having my PICC line inserted so hope I was right in thinking there was no reason not to!

I found when my scalp hurt the easiest way to relieve the pain was to have my hair cut very short. Can’t remember for definate how long the soreness lasted,but it definately helped to get hair cut very short.
Hope this helps

For me, the scalp soreness was because of the hair being loose in the follice - I ended up just shaving it off… instant relief!! And it has grown back thick and fast, with no issue of ingrowing hairs etc… so although I can only speak from my own experience, shaving did no harm whatsoever.

I’m not sure on the driving part - I had my PICC put in the day of my first chemo, so certainly didn’t try for a week or so - I’d give it a couple of days and see how you feel - if your arm isn’t sore, then go for it xx

When I had my PICC inserted I asked if I can drive home and they said yes, so I did :slight_smile:

Can’t say anything re tender scalp as my one is tender too now, day 18 after FEC and I had a #2 shave off at the hairdresser today, will see if this helps.

Love from Christine xx

I’ve been told to expect to lose my hair between Christmas and New Year. I think this is one of the issues I’m finding most upsetting at the moment especially as my four grandchildren will be around to see it. Any tips on how to cope?

I found the thought of losing my hair was one of the hardest things.

I had my hair cut short before i started chemo and after my first chemo my scalp was really sore especially once my hair started coming out on week 2, but once i made the decision to have my hair shaved short it was so much better, not as sore and i felt better as the decision had been made. I didn’t shave it completly, left it about 1cm long and i found that was easier because when i looked in the mirror i still had hair and in fact that never all fell out

Hi cassandra

I am posting a link to the BCC publication ‘Breast cancer and hair loss’ which you may find helpful to read:

Please also feel free to contact our helpline for further support on 0808 800 6000, the lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat

Take care