Hair Loss: To cover or not to Cover?

I have been diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer and am having FAC Chemo at the moment (Yough!) I am meeting with the Dr on Monday re mastectomy which he hopes to do in a couple of weeks. I hope he lets me make it to 52nd birthday in August before he does it!

I lost my hair very quickly but I feel I don’t look too bad so I don’t wear a wig or anything. I got a lovely wig while I still had my long hair. I do not feel it is me when I put on the wig. I do not feel I should hide the fact that I have cancer. Last year when I broke my leg (scuba diving in Kenya! But that’s a whole other story!) I was in a cast for 3 months and was not expected to hide the fact. Why hide the fact that I have cancer? And anyway I was never such a Goddess with the hair!

I make more of an effort with my makeup and try to look feminine as possible. I ignore people looking at me, except children… I smile at them and sometimes say “Oh dear… did I cut my hair a bit too short!? Most will nod shyly!

I don’t like wearing a bandanna. I feel this is trying to disguise what is obvious.
Now-a-days BC is so common that perhaps people should see us living with cancer!

But this weather sometimes I wear a hat while watching TV because the weather is so cold! And I’m saving a fortune on hair care but I have to watch my makeup tide mark at the back of my head!!!


Hi Geraldine

Please continue to do what you feel most comfortable with. I felt more comfortable with my wig. Sometimes I just stuck a hat on going out (it was winter). I quite agree that no one should have to hide the fact that they have breast cancer or any other kind of cancer. It is a fact of life and nothing to be ashamed of. I never wore bandanas as I felt that they draw even more attention than having no hair.

I always had short hair and since it came back I have kept it really short to give the effects of the chemo curl time to grow out.

I wish you well for your mastectomy. My birthday is also in August and unfortunately I spent it (60th) in hospital recovering from my mastectomy. The nurses were brilliant and one even bought a birthday cake and invited other patients to the ward for a celebration.

I hope all goes well for you
Love and take care


Everyone is different with hair loss - I wish I will be confident enought to go out with nothing when I lose mine but dont think I will be - am dreeading it like everyone else!! - Its not really about hiding the fact I have cancer cos none of us can help that - its just me!!
We all need to do whats right for us.
Love and best wishes to you all

Hi Geraldine, Thistle and Fiona

Wish I were confident to go out bald! I currently have little tufty bits all over which are still coming out in the shower etc. I chopped it off myself last Friday as it was driving me nuts. I don’t mind it round the house but really would feel bad going out. I am experimenting with turbans, a bandana thingy and a wig which I got in readiness a few weeks ago. All feel odd at the moment, but then I suppose it just takes getting used to. For me it isn’t trying to hide the cancer, just trying to look relatively normal.

Good luck with the mastectomy Geraldine

Best wishes to you all


Indeed wearing a wig is not hiding the fact that one has cancer. I’m sorry I implied that. Whether or not to wear a wig is a self image thing. It is difficult to go out bald but I have been told I have a good shaped head and baldness suits me! People look at me but most of the time I don’t wear my glasses so am blind as a bat!
Have just found out surgery will be next week so at least I get a break from the chemo- but only for a few weeks when they’ll finish me off… not literally I hope.
Hope none of you have the floods to contend with as well
Hugs to you all

Dear Geraldine

Good luck with the surgery next week. I have to say that it was the easiest part in many ways - not as boring as the endless chemo trek! We don’t have the floods thank goodness. It seems to be getting worse and worse doesn’t it? I am about to order another turban! A friend gave me a beautiful slk one from a place called Patra and so far it is the most comfortable and secure feeling thing I have tried. Hoping my hair will eventually grow back thick and curly!

Much love to all