Hair Loss

Hi there, 

I am new to this group, I have been diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer/ bone Mets on my pelvis, I am presently on Letrozole and Ribo(Chemo pill 28 day cycle).  I have been finding that I am losing quite a bit of my hair, it still looks ok, but texture and hair loss changes daily.  I was wondering if anyone has heard of the benefit from having a vitamin C drip weekly to help with the hair loss.  I spoke with another women that was triple neg. Breast cancer and she has done 2 rounds of Chemo (drip) 16 weeks each time and she had them do a vitamin C drip and she didn’t lose her hair.  Just curious if anyone else has done this or heard of someone with success. 



Welcome to the secondary forums. I’ve been enquiring about iv vit C but it’s not available in the UK on the NHS. My oncologist said he’d look into it for me as I’m so short of energy but I’ve heard nothing since. I’ve only heard good things about it so hopefully you’ll get other responses xx