Hair Loss.

Hair Loss.

Hair Loss. I have just finished Radiotherapy, but taking Tamoxifen.

My hair is falling out in clumps, anyone else on Tamoxifen having the same problem and any ideas of what I can do apart from coming off Tamoxifen?

I know this seems trival to what some of you are putting up with.

Hugs Val. XXXX.

see my post right after yours. My hair is thinning out drastically after 3 months on tamoxifen and as trivial as it my seem, I am tempted to quit taking it. I just can’t take any more . I have no boobs , radiation has mottled my skin on my chest and now my hair. When I lost my hair due to chemo, thirteen years ago it was devastating to me and I can’t stand it.

A friend of mine has experienced hair loss since starting tamoxifen. However her GP has advised her that it is temporary. Her hair has thinned a lot. Can’t comment on my own as it is only just growing back after chemo.


Oh Hugs Esther …I am so sorry that you are also losing
your hair as well.

I feel it is the last straw…My kids gave me a makeover after the op as being a Carer to my husband for many years I had let myself go, I was feeling so good with my new look…and now this.

Thank you Geraldine for giving me some hope…It makes me appreciate how difficult the hair loss must be for those who have had chemo and are going through chemo.

Hugs Val.

Val and Esther

I’ve just been looking on the site and they recommend Rogaine (Monoxidil) for Tamoxifen induced hair loss.

Might be worth a try.

I finished chemo a couple of weeks ago so I haven’t got my hair back yet . I have to start Tamoxifen soon and Herceptin too which can also slow down hair growth so I’m not feeling too hopeful about my hair !

Best wishes

Thank you Anthi so much for going to so much trouble to tell us about Rogaine (Monoxidil). I am going to get some.

I hope Anthi that your hair grows back very soon.

Hugs Val. XXXX.