Hair loss

Hi all,
I’m not sure if this is in the right place so I apologise if it’s not.
I am trying to find out if anyone has suffered from permanent hair loss post chemo and also if anyone was warned that there is a small possibility that hair loss can be permanent especially after having Taxotere!

I had taxotere 7 years ago
my hair is very thin and 1 inch long. was told would grow back but is horrid, so i often wear a wig
OH hates it as had lovely long hair, just want the old me back

Hi Rehna
I had taxotere in 2008 and my hair has never grown back properly. Like yours it is about an inch long and very thin especially at the back although it looks OK from the front and I have it streaked with red. I won’t wear a wig I hated it when I didn’t have any hair at all and only wore it about half a dozen times. People usually realise why my hair is like it is and if they are uncomfortable with it that is their problem not mine. I am me, and the fact that I have had breast cancer with a bilateral mastectomy and chemo made me who I am now. I am grateful for the treatment that means I am still alive savouring every day. My old man accepts me as I am, boobless and partially bald, he is just happy I am still with him. I get upset some times and wish I was back to ‘normal’ but I am still ‘me’ inside and am happy to be able to walk with friends every morning, when everything could have been so different.
Love yourself for who you are
Love and big hugs

Hi Tigerlily- yes, you are not alone.
There are several threads on the forums about permanent hair loss or very poor hair re-growth: if I was more computer literate I would direct you to them- perhaps soemone else could help with this
I finished treatment 3 years ago and my hair is pathetic!
I am also nearly 70 which my onc suggests is another factor - though I am sceptical. All my friends still have good hair and both my parents had thick hair -as do my 2 older brothers : I think the initial problem was 90% due to Taxotere …and now Arinmidex is inhibiting any possibility of full recovery

Hi Tigerlily and ladies
Me too - I finished Taxotere in Sept 2011, I’m still having herceptin and Tamoxifen. I wasn’t warned about potential permanent loss from Taxotere and didn’t have the cold cap either.
My hair has grown very thickly at the back and sides, but on top I seem to have a white mohican ( a bit like Mogwai from Gremlins).
There are some hairs in the bald bits - which are from front to back of crown, but not growing at all really, approx 0.5cm long.
I am 42 and still having to wear the wigs (wish I didn’t have to, but things could be a lot worse) - can’t face going commando just yet, and I think it will be a long time (if ever) that my hair comes back properly. My eyelashes still misbehave and break every few weeks, but I was putting this down to the Herceptin and rather hoped my hair growth would pick up the pace after my last one - think I’m being a bit too optimistic though…