Hair loss

I am still waiting for my post-op appt for full pathology and staging information, but my BS did tell before I left the hospital that it WAS in the lymph nodes, and I WOULD be needing chemo.

So I have been thinking about this, and hair loss, and found on a site for wigs etc, false eye-lashes and eye-brows, which was the first time it occurred to me that we were not just talking hair on the TOP of your head! Duh!!

But now I want to know, will it also wipe out those pesky little bristles that have in the last year or so decided to take up residence on my previously bare chin?? … despite all my best efforts at removing the little blighters!

My guess is that the little baskets will find a way to dodge the chemo bullet, even if the rest of me ends up bald as a coot!

Hi Morwenna,
In my case, all facial and body hair went, and my skin became gossamer silky. It was almost like I’d had a chemical peel. My hospital introduced me to the ‘wig lady’ who had a super range of wigs, which looked so authentic that many people were fooled into thinking I hadn’t lost any hair at all. And altho they are hot and itchy to start, you get used to them very quickly. It never occurred to me to use false eye lashes and eyebrows, but good luck to you!
All the best,

Leigh xxxx

Hi, Morwenna.
I am happy to tell you that my chin bristles did disappear with Tax but I had them back, very briefly, when I changed to FEC and then they disappeared again - although they were the first to grow back. The only part of my body where I lost all my hair was on my face, except eyebrows and eyelashes - the latter only when chemo was finished and there were new ones underneath. I didn’t lose all the hair on my head and very little on my legs which I still feel annoyed about. Some people have total hair loss which I was expecting but it didn’t happen. Wait and see what happens before you buy anything - I bought eyebrow pencil and have never used it.

Take care, Liz.

Morwenna - I don’t think you can use false eyelashes as you have to have some of your own to attach them too. Mine went away a long time after the head hair - but re-appeared back quite quickly afterwards. I used lots of eyeliner on the bottom which really disguised a lot and penciled the brows in. If you go to a Look good feel better workshop they give you
lots of advice on lash and brow loss, hopefully there is one near you. Best not to rush into buying things as you may not lose everything, and can waste a lot of cash on useless things!
All the best

Is there anyone who manages to hold on to their hair during chemo??? Big wish I guess…

I am using the cold cap and have had 4 x FEC, my hair has thinned quite a bit but I dont need wigs, hats or scarves yet and am hoping to avoid them. The cold cap is painful for the first 10 mins, adds a couple of hours to the treatment each time, you are advised to wash your hair once a week and comb it gently once a day so bad hair days most days BUT, for me it is worth it as I really didnt want to lose my hair, especially as it was the main thing that bothered my son.

I’ve asked to be referred to an oncologist that uses those… Hubbie not too keen as he thinks cold cap will stop chemo working in my head (???).

I don’t know…I’m 2 weeks post surgery and will be meeting oncology within the next two weeks. Don’t know what to think and am so scared of side effects - hair loss being the one that bothers me most…

Your onc can give you all the relevant info to help you make your decision. It matters to a lot of us and many women in my unit use the cold cap with success, my onc recommended it for me but every case is different.

It isnt an easy option but it is one to consider…

You will get a lot of support on the threads with side effects in general, everyone is so different but all the side effects crop up between us one way or another. Chemo is scary but it really is doable and there are many things your onc can do to minimise your side effects as they crop up.

Good luck Neadi

Thanks Jayne,

Hubbie thinks worst is over with the surgery, but am not so sure…

Hi Neadi - if he can be with you for all the appointments, he can also ask the questions that he needs to, it certainly helped my hubby and he asked things that I had no idea were bothering him, he also came to the first chemo so he knows what goes on there too. I have taken different people each time, Mum and sisters and the kids want to come next time (they are teenagaers) as they also wanted to be involved and I dont really mind who is there but I do want hubby at the last one so again, he hears any advice etc.

It is a journey with various stages, each one with it’s own challenges but as I said before it is doable and we are all working towards the best possible outcome and the support of our families every step of the way is just what we need.

You are so right.
I suppose it’s just the fear of the unknown for me. It won’t kick off til after Xmas probably, but I can’t help feeling that Xmas will be a bit of a non event because of what’s lurking around the corner… Being on here does help tho


The anticipation and worry is the worst bit, once your treatment is underway, it is somehow easier to cope with. Try and enjoy Christmas, just take it day by day and make the most of the time before chemo starts and you will be ready to face the next stage x

I was in tears today because I had hardly managed a thought about Christmas, nor about my son’s wedding which is on the 29th!

But I sat and cried with my new friend, who happens to be the bride’s mother, and she was so lovely, and ended up going around garden centres and florists planning the wedding decorations, and had a good afternoon, although I was fairly exhausted after, and my arm aches so…

Anyway, tomorrow I am dragging my hubby out to choose a Christmas tree. I probably won’t start chemo til the new year, and we jolly well will not sit around in an undecorated house, feeling sorry for ourselves!