Hair loss

Hi every. One …my name is Ruby …and I had chemo 2002…after I had a mastectomy left side …any way I have started loosing my hair thining all cover …if I run my finger through my hair it comes out …I’m left with some of my hair between my fingers …my doc took some blood test to make sure there was not a medical reason i was loosing my hair all came back normal …so I was wondering if any one else was loosing there hair years after chemo …just waiting on my wig coming …as my hair is that bad now …so if any one can answer my question I sure would appreciate it tanxs …ruby xxx

Hi Ruby

Whilst you await replies you are welcome to call our helpliners to talk this through as they may be able to offer you further information or know of others with similar concerns

Lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

Take care


Hi Angel and others with same problem,
I have a similar problem, thinning hair! my chemo was finished in 2007, I finished taking Tamoxifen about a year ago. I’m not taking any medication now. I’ve noticed my hair falling out over the last few months in particular, and wondered if there was anything I could take or do to stop it deteriorating any further. My scalp is now very visible in places and I always have to cover my head in the sun as I get sunburnt very quickly!
Any help or comments from others gratefully appreciated.
Kind regards
Elaine :slight_smile:

Hello ladies
Sorry to read of the problems you are having with your hair. I’m not in the same situation, but have fairly thin hair for years due to a hormone problem, so I do understand how distressing it can be. I’m only 9 months down the line of taking Tamoxifen. There is a hair charity I go to who are very good at giving advice and support to anyone suffering hair loss. Although its local to me (Herts), they have a help line and offer a national service. It might be worth giving them a call. Website is and I am sure they will help you if they can.
Good luck!
Joan xx

Hi Ladies,
I had FEC in 2011, bilateral mx, tamoxifan 6 months then Letrozol for 12 months, my hair grew back after chemo so thick and curly I couldn’t do a lot with it but these past few weeks it is falling out at an alarming rate, it seems to be breaking off at the root, my hairdresser has said unfortunately she has seen this happen a few times with different clients, and advised me to only brush/comb it when necessary. I see my onc on the 8 May and plan on asking her what I can do. Will keep an eye on this thread and see what solutions others can offer.

Hi Milo

You might be interested in BCC’s Headstrong service as they can help you with coping with hairloss, below is the link to the area of this website where you will find information. If you call the helpline they’ll be able to direct you to services in your area.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Thanks all for commenting on my post …I have just been off the phone to my maggie centre here in dundee…and they have just told me that as my hair lose is due to …what I have been through regards chemo …I am entitled to a free wig. Through the nhs …but first I must get a form from my GP…which I have an Appiotment for next week …ps .my wig never came bogus site …lucky …I bought it through pay pal …so I was covered…hope what’s I have told you …will be of some help…Ruby …xxx