hair loss

I’m really keen to hear other people’s experience of FEC chemotherapy. I had my first session two weeks ago and had the cold cap as well. For the first 4-5 days I had times of feeling quite tired, nauseus and tearful but after this I have been feeling great. What stopped me in my tracks today was the beginning of my hair comeing out. Felt like a real smack in the face after feeling so good. I’m curious if there are people who perhaps have had thinning of their hair but have not lost it totally or if in reality I need to prepare for the total loss of my hair. I have five more chemotherapy sessions to look forward to! Also I wonder how people have felt with the chemotherapy as although I’ve been feeling so good this time with the ongoing treatment I’m expecting not to bounce back so quickly.

Me again! I failed to see the recent thread on hair loss so have just been reading that which has been really helpful. although if there are any further comments I would love to hear them. Many thanks

I’m 10 days after my 3rd FEC. Hair fell at the same time as yours. I felt reasonably good the first 2 sessions. This last one took more out of me in terms of the fatigue. But my onc told me that is the only cumulative side effect. All you can do is listen to your body and when you need to rest, rest.

Good luck with your journey

Sharon x

Hi Antigua
I am not on quite the same chemo mine is called EC chemotherapy which I think is just one less drug in the cocktail. My hair started moulting after about 15 days and I got my friend to shave it off. I had my second chemo on Thursday and I don’t feel as crap this time as I did after the first one, which is I think due to my diet. I have cut out all red meat and just eat lots of fish and chicken and fresh fruit and veg, no naughty junk food. My stubble, however, has just started coming out in the bath last night ! But as long as I feel reasonably ok I don’t mind about the hair.

Best wishes
Diane x