hair loss

Hi all
I’m about to finish my chemotherapy thank God the last one is on Tuesday then I’ll begin radiotherapy and then hormonal. I lost all my hair in chemotherapy I wonder how can I have it back especially I found a lot of white hair beginning to grow. What should I do

Hi I had my last chemo October 2014 and it seemed ages before i had a good head of hair but in fact a had a reasonable covering in 3 month and it looked really good by June 14 i now have quite long hair at the sides and back but still fairly short in the area similar too male baldness.  i haven’t been to the hairdress since July 14 but am currently wearing that as a bit of a badge of honour but will go next week i think.  Funnily it is a bit scary.  I decided not to recolour my hair after my first diagnoses of BC so am now a great silver white and although i hated being white and looking old i do in fact look great, particularly with a good tan.  Good luck with the radiotherapy.

I used an icepack from the chemist to take off the burn after treatment and managed fine.

good luck and your hair will come back soon

Nette W