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Hi ladies just wondering if anybody has gone through Fec and not lost their hair without using the cold cap. Had my first FEC last week and did not want to use the cold cap.Thanks ladies x

Hi Lillyput, I’m not sure it’s possible to hang onto your hair on FEC without the cold cap and that doesn’t have a high success rate either. My ONC told me it would fall out 14 - 21 days after my first FEC and bang in cue, day 14 it started. You’ll probably find you scalp becomes tender when it’s ready to fall out… Although it is upsetting when the hair goes, for me it was also a relief, no longer having to worry about it happening. Take care and let us know how you get on. Love CC

P.s I’m now just over 2 years since finishing treatment and I have loads of long thick hair, it’s much nicer than before it fell out x

Hi Lilyput

I did try the cold cap on my first FEC-T chemo but my hair started falling out after 2 weeks so decided not to use it again. It was a bit of a shock the first time I had a shower and washed my hair to find big lumps of hair on the bottom of the shower. I was prepared and had my wig ready and soon got used to wearing it. I don’t know how I am going to feel when my hair is long enough to go without out my wig as I feel so confident wearing it. Have you got your wig yet? 

Good luck with your treatment. SML x

Had my 2nd chemo on Friday last week - waiting for hair loss next week. No so bad when you know what to expect. Also had several more inches chopped off when I got the wig.



Had my second chemo last Friday and hair has got to the stage, or rather lack of hair! where I need to don the wig.  First day out as have been feeling pretty rough, put on my wig and make up trying to look half decent , walked down the road and … gust of wind and off flies the wig!  Luckily no one about, picked up wig, put hood on coat up and returned home.  Anyone have any advice on keeping a wig on in high winds?


Jane x

Oh Jane that’s terrible! I panicked about sliding doors and conveyor belts in mine! Hairdresser assured me it would fly off in the wind, but it is excessively windy. I read about using double sided sticky tape but doesn’t sound comfy. I’d keep your hood up whilst outside.


Glad you can see the funny side! We have to keep laughing, tough at times.

Hi Lillyput, I’ve just had my first FEC cycle of 6 and am about a week away from my next. I didn’t wear the cold cap but had my hair cut short in preparation! I haven’t noticed much hair loss at the moment but this week have experienced a weird sensation in my scalp that may be a sign it’s going to come out. I’ve spoken to other women who said their hair just became thin but don’t know if they were referring to FEC treatment. My oncologist was quite adamant I would lose all my hair so I’m just waiting for it now. I’d be interested to hear how you get on with the hair loss and the chemo in general. Good luck!

Rach46 I got a very sensitive scalp during the week my hair fell out after first FEC. I’m 2 weeks after 2nd and haven’t lost any hair yet or got that feeling. My hair has gone thin but as it’s a short bob there’s enough for a comb over to hide the widening parting! I’m afraid I think loss is inevitable x

Thanks for that, it sounds very much what I’m experiencing so it’s comforting to know that sensitive feeing in my scalp may not happen each time. I’m debating whether to just get it shaved off as have a wig and scarves at the ready but don’t know if its too drastic at this stage! Sick of finding it all over my pillow and afraid it’ll ‘fly off’ my scalp when the wind blows! May just have it cut even shorter if that’s possible! Hope your second cycle hasn’t knocked you about too much x

Just have it cut shorter. You may be lucky and it would be a shame to shave it unnecessarily. I cut long hair to shoulder length before chemo, now a very short bob after 1st chemo because I was loosing it so I dont have those long strands falling out. I am cold capping and still no loss this time round - not from other parts of the body either! Girlie bits went after 1st chemo before head hair thinned.

I think I’ll do that, although I’m not cold capping so will no doubt lose it all at some point. Very annoyed that my legs are still hairy!! Hoping that not having to worry about hairy legs may have been the silver lining! X

Looking forward to armpit and leg hsir going. There is an upside to all this!

Bali boo, you might as well get it done now and feel smooth / you never know it might not grow back. I started chemo 31st October and still have hair everywhere / girlie bits very very thin, head hair thin but nog noticeable to those who don’t know me.

You never know what’s going yo happen on this journey!

Thanks Jane, it’s a relief to know that the ‘unwanted’ hair will also go!! Collecting my wig today and still debating whether to now get my head shaved as although it’s a really short cut I’m waking up with it all over the place. My husband also told me he’d removed a load of my hair from the shower plug hole and it made him really sad. I feel like I should just get it over and done with. It really is quite a journey and it feels like a long way to go. Got cycle no.2 tomorrow. Hope it’s going well for you. X

Am so glad you have Christmas off! Always wondered what happened if you were due a cycle on Christmas Day. Hope you manage to enjoy Christmas and feel as physically well as possible. I will remember tomorrow that I’ll be a third of the way through!! Rachel x

Hi, I am new to this forum but just thought I’d share my experience re hair loss! I am also on FEC-T just through my 2nd round of FEC, I started losing my hair about a week before my second round of chemo started. Though I had my hair cut pretty short it is very thick - so every where I go I make a real mess! Even tough I now constantly have some sort of head wear on. So, thinking I should probably go down the shaving my head route - though it seems pretty drastic - any thoughts out there or advice?

Hi LC1, your hair experience sounds very similar to my own. My hair started to fall out in chunks about the same time as yours and I got my Mum to clip it very close a couple of days before my 2nd round which was on Weds. I have to say it was a relief to not have to worry about long strands falling out everywhere but I was already prepared with a wig, scarves, hats etc. I’m now noticing that I am just completely bald in patches all over my head and because my scalp feels sore the little patches of bristles left are pulling. I’m therefore going to get those bits completely shaved off. I can only speak for myself but I found getting it over and done with has helped remove some of the fear. This whole journey is scary and new and being able to share experiences with others going through the same helps no end. I wish you all the best, we appear to be at similar points in our treatment so it’ll be really helpful to hear how you’re doing. R x

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