Hair loss

Hi everyone I’m new to the forum, I started tamoxifen 2 weeks ago and my hair which had only just started to grow bk is rapidly falling out again, do you think it’s the tamoxifen or the side effects of my last taxotere chemo which ended 3 weeks ago, I also have no sleep at night as I’m either hot or freezing all night long, going to call onc tomorrow as its really got me down, I’m a hairdresser and never seen hair loss once it started to come bk in, it’s only about 4mm long but at least it was growing ?

Dear Glam8pink


I am not going to tell you that everything is going to be ok with the Tamoxifen, it does have it’s side effects.


I had to change brands, some have worse side effects than others, i ended with TEVA which was the kindest but initally i took it at night and some people prefer that.  I had hot sweats then cold and awake such a lot of the night.  In the end i changed to taking it in the morning and found this much better as i just got on with my routine and managed the side effects much better.  Also after the first month or two the side effects reduce as your body gets used to the effects of the medication. 


Hope this is helpful and the only other thing i can add is that i gave up coffee, alcohol and spicy food  which was helpful. i have the odd glass now but not too much.


Take Care   Butterfly x