Hair Loss

I’ve been recently diagnosed with Breast cancer and have discussed this with my 8 and 11 year old girls, including the topic of hair loss. My 8 year old is really struggling to understand and come to terms with it. I am keen to take control and cut my hair short so as to not wait for it to fall out over the next few weeks. I have been told that the chemo I am on will result in hair loss. 

Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this or any tips on what to do or say?


Hello cat,


I have been posting along with some other lovely ladies since April 2014, so there is not much that we have not come across between us. It is not inevitable that you will loose your hair, have your hospital offered you a cold cap? I used it with one other lady who posts on our thread and it was very successful, my hair thinned a little on the top which I managed with a slight comb over, lol and a bit of hair spray. I thought all my hair would depart and had it cut fairly short but luckily I managed to keep most of it, I did buy a cotton cap and some scarves, I am not a wig or hat person but only needed them briefly on a couple of very hot days to protect my scalp from the sun. Not everyone can tolerate the cold cap it basically freezes your scalp while having the chemo therapy, you have to put conditioner on so that the cold cap works to its best effect. That’s why I bought a couple of cotton caps and also when you are shedding its easier to keep it contained, you don’t want it dropping in food etc. Your children will accept what you tell them, the chemotherapy is a very strong drug which without having it would not be possible for you to manage, explain that you will look and feel worse a while but in the long run it will all be worth it because it will make you better, hair will grow back even if you do loose it.

Eye brows can be drawn on if it bothers you that much and even false eye lashes are used by some ladies, what ever makes you feel good. At the end of the day its your body and face. I did not bother too much because I felt if anyone else does not like it then don’t look, I know we are all different though so I do understand. Good luck with it all xx

I was diagnosed last July and started chemo in September. I read my kids the breast cancer care book “mummy’s lump”. A very simple book probably more aimed at 3-5 yr olds but I think it simplified things well and my 7 yr old definitely found it useful. It gave us a starting point for questions and discussion. My 7 yr old hated the thought of me being bald but she loved helping me to choose hats and wigs. It took her a few weeks to get used to my bald head, but she did get used to it. I just tried to be very matter of fact about the hair loss and reassuring that at the end of treatment it would all grow back. I tried to laugh about it too.
I waited until after my first treatment to see if my hair would really fall out. On about day 10 it started coming out in handfuls so my partner clipped it down to grade 1 with the dog clippers! I didn’t try the cold cap as I couldn’t bear the thought of the discomfort and limbo of not knowing if my hair would stay or go.
Good luck,
I’m 3 months post chemo now and have half an inch of thick hair growth. I have finally put away the wigs which I came to love!

Hi everyone I started chemo just after christmas I really struggled with the thought of being local hospice gave me a wig ive never had it on ,I just think if people want to look at me then do so im not ashamed of how I look im a bloody warrior going thorough this.I some times go out without a hat and then a gust of wind will blow past a I think **bleep** ive no hair or a hat the end of the day its down to you stand tall and think im the brave one here my the warrior going through this not you .xxxx

Hi everyone. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 5th, 2018. She just ordered a wig, she’s not happy with losing her hair. She starts treatment Mat 2nd. Next week.

Good luck to your wife with her treatment Shaggy .Has she spoken about trying the cold cap - it can help some ladies keep some of all of their hair .

Hi everyone. My best friend started chemo a couple months ago. At first he was very worried that he was losing hair (he is only 25 years old), so he shaved all his hair off, but someone once said he looked like Vin Diesel, by the way, Vin Diesel is his favorite actor, so, my friend stopped being ashamed of himself and wearing a wig.