Hair loss

Bit shocked this morning,  all day yesterday my scalp felt tender. Then when I got up and washed my hair, quite a bit came out. I knew this would happen,   but not so soon as only had 1 chemo session 2 weeks ago.  Any body else’s hair started comeing out so soon.x

Hey Butler10

My hair started coming out on day 15 after my first chemo - I’m using the cold cap but was told to expect hair loss anyway. It is a bit of a shock seeing it (I brush mine over the bath and it’s long and dark so looks probably more than it is) no matter how much you’ve tried to mentally prepare yourself. I was told that it usually starts coming out anytime after day 10, so I think we’re right on track these ladies are great if you want someone to talk to about it, they can help with any questions you have and send you a goody bag too 


It’s a bit of a shock isn’t it! I don’t think it’s unusual but there are things you can do to reduce the distress it may cause. As soon as the first strands slipped out of my short hair, I got a buzz-cut (no 6) and loved it. It was very liberating. After that, I never brushed my hair and washing was far less frequent - usually just letting it get wet under the shower and then patting it dry. I used Simple shampoo and conditioner when I felt it needed a wash and made sure I just smoothed the shampoo over my scalp, no rubbing, just massaging firmly with my palms but without disturbing the hair roots. There is scalp discomfort but try not to disturb your hair roots and your hair may hang on. My hair hung on determinedly throughout chemo, despite being told it would definitely go by week 2 of paclitaxel. Maybe it was sheer cussedness? I did get a wig but only wore it a few times, when I felt I was very much on public view. Otherwise, it was my two cashmere beanies that saw me through the cold months, often worn together!

The important thing is to remember it’s only temporary and it starts regrowing very soon after chemo, with the most delightfully soft hair imaginable, till your old self takes over again. You can choose to be defiant and go au natural, you can wear your wig with pride, you can wear scarves and beanies - or you can hold onto the fact that you’re bald and hate it. It’s your choice and whatever you choose will be right for you. I wish you all the best with chemotherapy x

Yes, I lost my hair 2 weeks after my first chemo infusion.  My eyebrows & eyelashes hung in there for a while, but gradually came out.  Now, after my 5th and final chemo infusion, they are gone also. I’m just looking for a recommendation for a good eyebrow pencil. 
Today I start 25 days of radiation.