Hair products after chemo



I have just completed my last chemo, I cold capped througout and managed to keep most of my hair but it is quote thin (always was thinish) any recommended products out there for hair thinkening. Been using shampura range for shampoo etc and, Grow me.


Been looking at Plantura 39 and Alepicin also take Nourkrin.


Any advise would be appreciated.


Alos when can I get it coloured again

Hi akd1961,

Many thanks for your message, I’m glad to hear you have completed your final chemo.

We have been working with professional makeup artist Debbie Storey to create beauty and makeup tips during and after treatment, who answered people’s questions around hair care in our live Facebook video. You can watch it here:

The full makeup and beauty tips can be found here:

I hope this helps.

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Hi. I just finished my chemo 2 weeks ago. I too cold capped through my 3 Months  of chemo. I had chemo every week for 1 hour. With Herceptin every 3 weeks. I totallt kept my hair. Every single strand. Not one single hair loss. I cannot believ it either. I didn’t even feel tired or sick. The same compete person. I am the luckiest person ever.  I was told I would loose my hair and have all the usual symptoms. Tiredness. Vomiting. Etc. Nothing/!!! 

I have had standard Taxol.  So I don’t know why. I question the oncologist every 3 weeks when I see him


i have the same question as you.  I would like to have my hair hi lighted I usually have bleach with golden colour  too mixed together. Oh by the way. My hair is in fantastic condition,  thick healthy. So I am thinking of going ahead soon to get it highlights done.  Or. Are the roots too fragile. It certainly doesn’t look or feel fragile

I think they usually say 6 months after chemo which I think in normal cercumstamces probably is true. But maybe I can get it done sooner .?

thankyou anyone to reply




Why not? Highlighting done in foils doesn’t really touch the roots. Why not try a few strands around the front of your face for a sunkissed look and if no perceptible damage go for the whole head or a T section of highlights to start with. X