Hair it true?

My husband was talking to a workmate whose sister has BC. Her GP told her that when her hair grew back, it would grow like her hair was as a baby. I laughed at this but then realised that I was a curly top as a baby and toddler and now am one again, despite many adult years of fine, straight hair. Has your hair come back like when you were a baby?


Yes… for about 3 weeks it was soft and fluffy and is now returning to the adult hair I had before, fine straight and strawberry blonde.

Don’t panic just yet :wink:


My hair has always been dead straight, even as a baby. It came back curly, but now, 14 months post chemo, it is almost back as straight as it used to be, and getting straighter with each hair cut.

Yes, mine initially came back like it had been when I was a baby - fine, white curls so I thought fab no more highlights !! Before chemo it was quite long & curly and mousey brown without highlights. 8 months on & it’s really curly still (more so than before) , is thicker and has darkened off but at least there’s no grey !!! If it was straight it would be 4-5 inches long so it has grown back really quickly. I’m really happy to have the curls as it’s part of the old me and I see it as being me getting better. No hair cut yet but might do if I can’t be patient at that in-between stage !

It was fun to guess what it would be like & how quickly it would be back. The first sprouts came back about 6-8 weeks after chemo finished.

I was straight and blonde as a baby but its come back black and curly after chemo and really strong and resistant to colour! Thank goodness for GHDs

My hair came back with a vengence- white,curly and very thick,Even my onchologist commented on it.It had previously been dark,thick and wavy with a few grey hairs.It’s grown very quickly and 4yrs later it’s almost to my waist (I don’t think I’ll cut it again!) As a baby I was quite bald until I was two!

Meant to say, my mum’s hair came back black & wavy. All the grey had gone - granted it’s come back now but she is in her mid 70s.

My oncologist commented on mine as well the first time she saw me after chemo & surgery. " Oh my God Liz, your hair. I knew it would come back but not so quickly - it looks fab " Not what I expected her to say really but I was very touched & she is lovely and down to earth.

How interesting to read everyone’s experiences!

Hmm…I didn’t have grey hair as a baby! And I didn’t have grey hair a year ago pre-diagnosis either. If I was a horse I’d be described as “iron grey”. But it did grow back very quickly, slightly coarser in texture, but none the worse for that.

I like it.

Looking forward to first haircut since March.

My hair before chemo was coarse, wavy, and 100% grey…it came back fine, straight, and only 30% grey!!! Loving the new hair!!!

i have quite thin hair now, but until i had my children, it was very thick and long…so,although i will be glad to have ANY hair post chemo, i do hope i get the thick stuff back!

Tee hee - mine was always soft and straight and blonde. Now it is wavy/curly and well sort of blonde. I love it! Last Xmas I was still bald as a coot. Now I worry about it blowing in the wind! Yippee!

Happy New Year everyone


How lovely to hear all you ladies having so much fun with your new hair. Mine came back looking like cygnet down, it has now regrown back to its previous colour and waviness but in much better condition, all the mad frizz has gone.

Happy new Year - may it get better and better - love Jacqui

Well 3 months post chemo mine is now about 1inch long but I’m sure there’s more of it.

The family all loved stroking it over xmas (it is like puppy fur) but I was actually hoping for the mad scientist look as that would suit my personality much better :wink:

Think it’ll be sometime before it’s blowing in the wind though :wink:



I am facing my 4th FEC on Tuesday (great for New Years Eve on Weds eh?) and already have growth!!! I only shaved to the shortest on my OH’s razor (slightly less than a No1 I think) when my hair first gave way post 1st FEC and I noticed about a week ago that in between the black sparse hair that hadn’t fallen out I have new baby/puppy fur growing!!! Its white (eek!) but def there! It may well depart in the next 3 FECs but it may not! Other hair (down there) thankfully hasn’t been so quick to regrow! (bleeding periods however have steadfastly hung on, even irregular - why is it the one side effect you wouldn’t mind is the one you don’t get - maybe I didn’t think to askSanta for that!!)

Ostrich, x

hello, My hair as a baby was very dark and very straight. Post chemo it has grown back curly and a lot lighter and colour and very soft.


Think you’ll find it’s known as ‘chemo curl’! *grins*

Love Caz xxx

I always had long, straight red hair but post-chemo I have white very curly hair! I does seem now to be starting to straighten a bit (and I have coloured it) and the good thing is it’s growing very fast.

I have got the ‘chemo curl’ and love it…I’m very low maintenance and having curls which need a shampoo then rub over with towel is great! No hairdryers and straightners!


Hi Ladies,
I was told that you either grow
(a) Coarse and wiry
(b) soft and downy.
I got (a), much to my disgust, it was awful! I kept getting it cut back for the first few months and now its nearly the same quality as it was before I lost it.

Best wishes