Hair re-growth on Tax ?? Advice wanted

Hi Ladies,
Can anyone advise ? I am currently on day 3 after Tax 2 of 3 due, my hair has been growing back since I finished the FEC and started tax, I now have a thin whispy semi covering of hair very white and fluffy , my question is I am better to leave it and see how it goes or shave it again to try and thicken it, or will I possibly still lose it before end of Tax 3 ?, Im loathe to shave it off as even a thin whispy coverage is hair to me at the moment and the beginning of recovery

Any advice extremely welcome

Love Janice xx

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Jo, Facilitator

Hi lottie,
Mine did the same and I have left it, it’s not fallen out again…yet :slight_smile:
My eyebrows and eyelashes on the other hand, they fell out after my 2nd Tax…still no back!


I’d say leave it as it might fall out with the next dose. Even if it doesn’t, as you say it’s nice to have something growing :). I had some growth between doses aNd now that I’ve had my last, I plan to get one last shave after I’ve had enough growth to cover the head

I was just the same - didn’t want to lose even a little bit of coverage. I had 4 FEC and 4 Tax, the last one on 31st May. My hair had started to grow back after the FEC. It was very patchy and a mixture of white and black. It’s been slow growing but has reached the stage now where I could almost pass for having very short hair out of choice. It would look even better if it was the same colour all over but as it’s still dry and fluffy I’m hesitant to put hair colour on it. My hairdresser says she’ll have a look at it in a couple of weeks and see what she can do. I’d like to have it looking presentable for when I go on holiday mid September. My eyelashes are making a comeback and so are my eyebrows. They look strange as normally I have thick well defined brows and at the moment they look as if I shaved them off and they’ve half grown again. I must look better than I feel though as people have started to comment that I look well and more like myself again. (I don’t want to talk about my nails though as they’re a complete disaster!). All the best. xx

Hi Lottie. Don’t shave it. It’s a myth that shaving it off will make it come back thicker. I had a similar experience. Lost my hair on FEC (had 3 of those followed by 3 Tax). I started to notice regrowth after the second Tax. After that it continued to grow very slowly and the third tax seemed to make the growth slow down for a time, but it didn’t fall out again. Good luck and take care
Anthi x

Hi Janice
My hair didn’t grow back until I’d finished all my tax (October 2010) but friends going through it at same time had regrowth. As soon as I finished tax, I went for weekly head massages. My hair started to grow back pretty quickly though, I ditched the wig completely 6 months post tax but had coverage after 2 months.

My hair started growing back on tax too, It’s patchy and rather white and i have been told it may fall out again yet before i reach the end of treatment (hopefully last treatment 28 Aug) I’m keeping my fingers crossed cus i can’t wait to get rid of my wig and head scarves. Good luck all, you are all amazing. Andrea x

Hello Ladies,
Thank you for your replies, well I didnt shave hair again and I now have a covering of Silver hair all over Im now nearly 5 weeks post tax and 2nd week into Rads and no longer wear scarves/hats etc as quite confident without now hair covers whole of head, Its still thin-ish but has a little bit of length to it, even sticks up in the morning and im not complaining, so thanks again thinking of you all
Janice x