Hair recovery after EC and Docetaxel - what is everyones’ experiences.

Hiya, I’m currently recovering from my Mastectomy with immediate DIEP Flap Reconstruction surgery less than 3 weeks ago and have already met with my Oncologist, as they are keen for my Chemotherapy to start in early September.

I will be given EC x 3 and Docetaxel x 3  (with G-CSF throughout due to another underlying health condition that I have and also a few areas of my surgical wounds not healing as fast as the rest).

I have become aware that hair thinning / hair loss after Docetaxel can sometimes be permanent and that really worries me.

I will not be using the cold cap because of my other underlying health condition in my brain.

Just looking for other peoples’ personal experiences with hair growth after Docetaxel.

Did anyone unfortunately have permanent hair thinning / hair loss following Docetaxel?

Does anyone know of or were you offered any alternative chemo drugs that would be just as effective but without the risk of permanent hair thinning / hair loss?

Hi there @MajesticTiger  

Just a quick reply to say I’m 7 weeks post EC & Docitaxel, and my hair is growing back, I probably have about 1cm now. 
Sadly, I can’t say the same for my eyebrows or eyelashes- still absent! 
I really wish I’d known about micro blading and had my eyebrows done before I started chemo…….

Wishing you all the best for the next stage of your journey XX Jules


My last EC/Dox chemo was September last year. My hair fell out on my second EC and I lost my eyebrows and lashes after my first Dox. 

My hair began to grow back from the end of treatment and by March I had a head of hair albeit it short.  It has continued to grow and came back curly. Getting it into a style I like is a challenge but I’m grateful for hair!

My eyebrows and lashes were back for December even though sparse to begin with. I read all the info on the EC/Dox regime and worried about hair re-growth. I also started on Letrozole in the October and this hasn’t affected my hair growth neither so all good.

Wishing you lots of luck with your treatment and don’t worry about your hair.  It will be back! 

Imp x