Hair Regrowth after chemo

I live in the US but thought it would be good not join a group in the UK.
I just finished chemo Dec 8, 2015. How long does it take to grow hair back?

 Hi Marilyn, 

I am sorry you are going through this difficult time and I am sure some of our users will be along shortly to offer their support and advice soon.

We do have an overseas number for our helpline if you would ever like to talk although unfortunately we are unable to offer this for free. The number to call outside of the UK is (+44) 20 7620 0077.

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Hi Marylin 

I havent finished chemo yet but from its a how long is a piece of string question unfortunataley, most ladies start to see a bit of fluff 6 weeks or so after but i guess it depends on your hair and how it grew before and how it grows now post chemo, its very rare to not have your hair grow back so please dont worry. lots of ladies resort to shampoos that encourage hair growth or oil mixes (if you are doing anything aromaptherapy wise please check it doesnt interfere with any medication you are taking post chemo say hormone supressents etc your oncologist should know this or a good aromatherapist) people swear by FAST shampoo and any containing nioxin or caffine but what works for some wont work for others and it could still take  a few weeks to show any signs its up to you if you invest the cash in this . the cheapest method is some coconut oil or almond oil (or even olive oil) and just rub it on your head for a couple of minutes then put a shower cap on leave for 30 mins (or longer if you want up to an hour) then wash off do this a couple of times a week when you wash your hair/scap, Wash your hair but not every day as this doesnt help it grow back any faster and could hinder it. You could try biotin supplements or just eat foods with biotin in them which would work out less expensive as you have to eat anyway ! a quick google shows foods that have biotin in them but they are all pretty normal like eggs, cheese etc 


hope your hair grows back soon x Jen 

Thank you Jen. These are all great tips! I finished chemo Dec 8 and am just now seeing fuzz. Most people tell me it takes a year to get hair back to normal length. How long do you have to have chemo?

Thank you so much Lizzy

I have 11 weeks left if all go to plan I had 3 EC on a 3 weekly cycle then 12 weekly paclitaxel so 21 weeks in total im nearly halfway through :slight_smile: I had my fiest weekly yesterdah

I know that rosemary and peppermint oils stimulate tge scalp and you could mix those in with an oil to massage your head.

I still have lots of fluff but im expecting it to fall out at some point even though its growing

Jen x

So you lost all your hair and then started to regrow already? I had chemo from Oct 6 to Dec 8 every three weeks. I had Taxotere and Cytoxin. Lost all my hair by Oct 20. I color my hair and of course it’s all showing up as grey! Ha!

My hair started falling out 16 days after first chemo so I had it buzz cut to v short lots has fallen out but some hasnt and what hasnt has been growing the last 7 weeks, it is probably not at the part of the growth cycle where it will fall out but I expect it will at some point before i finish chemo

I finished 6 x FecT 24/12/2013
I ditched the wig at the end of April 2014 but resembled GI Jane for quite sometime. What I didn’t think about was the time it takes for the hair growing from the top of your head to catch up with that growing on the back of your neck. That took until about the summer of 2015 as obviously I had to keep have the back cut so as not to have a mullet lol
The one good thing that came out of this miserable saga is I got to try out lots of short styles as it grew that I would never have tried pre hair loss xx