hair regrowth after EC

Can anyone tell me how quick/slow hair regrows after EC?

not quickly enough!!! Finished on 25th July and there’s not a glimmer! others are different…

Hi angie

I think it must differ from person to person. i had fec, finished 28th April and have now got about 1.5 inch. It is a bit patchy with some places not growing as fast as other places but now it’s thick enough not to notice it.

Best of luck, Maria x

I shaved my bonce through the first 4 FEC and then stopped shaving when I noticed the bristles on my chin starting to make an appearance, as I reckoned if they were growing back, perhaps my scalp was waking up as well. I’m now 6 weeks after FEC6 and have a bit of a covering on my head, though it’s not anything like a proper haircut yet. It’s rather patchy, and some of the shorter hairs are the ones that are still dropping out, which is weird, but I’m just having to try to be patient. And I HATE seeing a convict every time I look in the mirror!

Hi, I finished FEC on 31st March, hair was still shedding upto 21st April, but now have well over 1 inch, looks more like proper haircut. I think I read somewhere to expect about 1cm/month, which seems about right.

I had 3 cycles EC and 3 Tax/Her so far (2 Tax to go) and hair was so patchy and naff that I was shaving the tiny growing areas. It looked to be coming back all-over 3 weeks ago so stopped shaving then and now I have a glorious 6mm of baby bird fluff. No pigment whatsoever though.

Shin hair is also back and needed a shave 3 weeks ago - also no pigment in that.

Hi i finished fec6 on the 22nd june & now have a soft covering of hair all over my head. have been using Alpecin shampoo & liquid for the last 2 weeks so dont know if that has made a difference?

Yes i,ve been using Alpecin too. It’s not expensive considering you only need a little.

Hi, had my last EC on the 11th May and my hair had already started to grow, however, that was a false alarm as it all dropped out again after about 3 weeks. It started to grow straight after that and I now have a good thick even covering of about 15mm. My eyebrows and eyelashes are practically back to normal already. I had also lost all of my eyebrows and nearly all my lashes.

I’ve had 5 Fec, one more to go and have hair growing. i’ve had delays due to newts vanishing so maybe that’s why it’s started to come back but encouraging anyway. Hope it hangs on in there as I too hate the convict look.

Thanks everyone … just had a little giggle reading all these posts and imagining you all with tape measures and rulers looking in the mirror and measuring the length of your hair!!!

I had my last EC on the 29th March and can say that I had growth starting about 5 wks, i ditched my wig after 11 wks and went wigless to zante it looked like i had a no 1 all over but i wasnt bothered if anybody looked it wasnt my problem its theres, i dyed my hair blonde again 3 wks ago and i have got quite a decent covering now on the top and back the sides are taking a bit to catch up and is shorter on the sides than everywhere else but i know it will get there

Thanks Hollingtons01, I plan to go to Oz in December and it would be great to think I could ditch the wig when I’m there! I finish chemo on 30 August - so this looks hopeful x