Hair regrowth on immunotherapy?

I’m 67 and 6 months into the TNBC journey. Ghastly chemo and immuno combo finished a week ago, Immuno on its own in 2 weeks time, then lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed end April, radiation for 3-4 weeks after that, if margins clear, and then, if all ok, more immunotherapy. But no idea how much more. These new, to me, additions are very depressing - at times. I did all I could to avoid peripheral neuropathy, so far to no avail, I don’t want lymphoedema, but feel it’s inevitable too. Does anyone know if my hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, might start returning whilst still on immunotherapy? I suspect not, but if it might that would be something to feel positive about. So useful to get support and answers on this forum. Courage à tous.

Dear failsbetter, I was diagnosed with TNBC last October. Started weekly Paclitaxal and three weekly Carboplatin and Pembrolizumab immunotherapy. After 12 weeks I went onto to EC and Pembrolizumab for four cycles every three weeks. I have my last cycle next Thursday the 11th of April. Next is bilateral mastectomy followed by radiotherapy I am soooo happy to report that my hair started to grow two weeks ago, I have a definite sprinkling of new hair growth on my head, eyebrows and eye lashes are making a definite comeback and that’s whilst I am am still on immunotherapy and chemo! Hopefully you will find that things start to return to ‘normal’ soon. Sending hugs :people_hugging: xx

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Hi failsbetter,
I lost all my hair during chemo/immunotherapy combo, but it all grew back when I switched to just immunotherapy on its own. I am on pembrolizumab. I have also been very lucky and have no side effects from the immunotherapy alone (whereas I felt truly awful on the chemo/immuno combo). I have found it a breeze in comparison.
Best of luck.
Lisa x

Tx so much for reply. On my birthday too. It’s so nice to have some positive feedback. I’m happy in my hats, and occasionally wigs, but it will be good to have hair again. I’m also on pembro alone, or will be the week after next, and again after surgery. Tx again and all best wishes Sara

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