hair regrowth on Taxol

I have had 3 doses of Taxol, having previously lost pretty much all of my hair on FEC. My eyebrows went too, and most of my lashes. However to my surprise over the last day or so I have noticed a bit of soft fuzz growing on my head, and some new eyebrows growing fast. I am hesitant about getting too excited but is this common ? I had come to terms with the hair but was quite down about the eyebrows and lashes as it was fairly depressing to look at my bald self first thing every morning.

Has anyone else experienced hair regrowth on Taxol ?

Hi onestep

if taxol is the same as taxotere, which i think it is, then yes your hair can grow back ive had 3 fec and 3 tax and my hair started to grow back in the tax, i still have a fine line of eyebrows but my eyelashes have gone which as yet arent growing back. i know how you feel about the eyes as you can hide your head but it hard with the eyes. i hate looking at myself in the mirror i do still try sometimes to put make-up on but it just dosent look right.

good luck with the hair growing

take care Sally x

Hi I had 3 FEc and 3 taxol finished the last one in Januray this year. My hair started to grow back on the TAx - the BC nurse said it would probably fall out but it didn’t. I now have a very thick and curly head of hair! I took my wig off at the start of june as it would not stay on very well once I had a certain amount of hair! Now you would not guess I had ever lost it - it has even grown back the same colour! My eyebrows and eyelashes came back really quick which I loved as I thought I looked most poorly when I lost them.

Thank you both for replying. You have been very helpful. Rosfergie that sounds really hopeful ! Of course we’re all different etc, but I’m due to finish Tax in late Nov, so was thinking ahead and reckoning on wearing the wig for up to 6-8 months after that, but if this growth stays and progresses i might be looking at spring time instead to get rid… I’m pleasantly stunned by the eyebrow thing in particular. Last week i was very low as my face looked liked a smooth boiled egg and there was literally no brow hair at all and very few lashes but now I can see and feel a whole new set of brows coming through, and some new lashes. had just bought some falsies in Boots; luckily quite cheap so don’t mind not getting to use them !

Sunflower re eye make up…I agree nothing is perfect in the make up arena but I found a really good compact by Clarins (recommended in a Sunday paper i think) which contains 3 shades of brow definer, a little brush to dab it on, a subtle highlighter + applicator to put over the brow bone below the eyebrows, some setting wax to hold brows in position once they come back a bit, and a little pair of tweezers (ha ha won’t be using those any time soon). It costs a bit over £20 but is brill. Also if you’re near a Laura Mercier concession - some dept stores and Space NK (also maybe online ) she does a fab brow definer in different shades and it’s really good too, but you need to buy a brush seperately. My husband can be relied on to be very frank about things but he says nobody would know it wasn’t real brows when I dab that one on. My hair is darker than yours or should I say was darker but I use the definer in “fair” which is very subtle. Give it a try !