Hair Regrowth - When should it be cut?

After my last session of Chemo on 31st March, my hair stopped falling out in late April. I now have about 1 inch of baby soft growth, really fine, but lots of it so looks quite thick. Now looks like a haircut rather than a regrowth, which I am really pleased with, but can’t wait until it gets longer.

I was wondering how long I should leave it before getting it cut? Something I read said that you should shave it again, so that it grows back stronger, but I haven’t got the heart to do that now I finally have some. I was wondering if it is OK to leave it another couple of months, or do I need to get it cut sooner.

Any advise welcome.

Mine is growing while I am still on tax and there is no way I am shaving it off again for anyone. It’s about 1 cm long so far and thickening up nicely now. If I were you I’d leave it a couple of months before getting it cut.

Me too, mines started coming back, still got 1 tax to go, I’ve got about 1cm but very patchy, however, theres NO WAY IN HELL I’m shaving it off again unless some can PROVE it’ll come back better.
You cling on to what little comes through :wink:

I have 2 tax left to go and if it falls out again now I will be totally devastated.

Well I really hope it doesn’t, but I think once it starts coming back then it won’t come out again? I hope that’s right!
The hairloss side of this is really really really horrible isn’t it. It’s the worse long lasting parts of this, to me, it’s even worse than the WLE which has left 1 of my boobs a lot lot smaller than the other. But I’m more bothered about my HAIR which will grow back.

If it’s thick and looks nice, I’d leave it and only get a trim when it starts to look untidy. No one’s bringing scissors anywhere near my hair for a while yet!

Hello. It’s a myth that shaving it again makes it grow stronger. Just leave it to grow.

Good luck. Anthi x


My hair started to come back after Tax 2. I bicced my head the day before tax 2 and haven’t gone near it with a razor since. It has continued to grow and I’m 6 weeks post my last tax and have a full head covering of about 15 mm (not that I’m obsessing about it) although it’s slightly thinner on top. Was absolutely chuffed to have to use a bit of hairspray to smooth it down as it was poking in all directions. How lovely to have a bad hair day!
I’m using ‘New’ shampoo bar from Lush, Alpecin hair tonic and 'Perfectil’supplements for hair, skin and nails (ok’d supplements with my onc)- really am not obsessing about the regrowth!

Happy hair days ladies xxxx

Thanks for your comments, I think I will leave it until it starts to look really untidy. I have had a few days where I have woken up with some uncontrollable sticky out bits, but no day is a bad hair day when you have been through ‘no-hair’ days.

Wishing you all luck with your hair coming back, and can’t wait until I need to use a hair dryer again. Everyone keeps asking how I am going to have it styled (as one of my wigs was quite different from my old hair) but I don’t care as long as it is there.


I am pretty sure I am gonna be arrested for staring at ladies hair - just watching how it moves is fascinating… and worse, ladies boobs. How funny that I used to take these things for granted…

Angielav - I know what you mean. I cannot go out now without staring at people’s hair. I am getting good at spotting wigs because - to be honest the hair looks so nice and neat and shiny. I was just saying today that I need at least three wigs - one that has grey root showing, one that looks like it needs cutting - and the wig I have now which everyone has said looks great and suits me more than my real hair did!! What on earth does that mean??

Anyway - to all the people who are experiencing hair regrowth - I salute you, I envy you, and in 6 months time I hope I am in a similar place.

When I think about all the things I took for granted and all the petty little things I used to complain and worry about. Breast cancer has certainly put everything into perspective.

Ladies this is so weird, I’m the same I’ve never notice womens cleavages before but now I find myself looking, and hair I often turn to hubby and say, that’s a wig, like that colour etc! When my hubby went and had his hair cut a few weeks ago he told her that my hairs growing and it’s like a baby, she said that it will fall out and be replaced by thicker hair. But if anyone comes near me with scissors or razor I shall be on the BBC news for gbh or murder. It’s so lovely to feel it, and I can’t wait for a bad hair day. Xxx