Hair regrowth

Hi, I was just wondering about people experience of hair regrowth after chemo, how long it took in general? I have just finished 7 cycles, (4 EC, 2 Paclitaxel &1 final EC for good measure), having started in November. I didn’t cold cap and pretty much lost most of my hair after the first cycle of EC, my sister came round with the clippers and took off all the straggly bits. 


Losing my hair wasn’t a trauma for me (all the rest of chemo has been!), I wear headscarves in the house and my wig for social (so not got much use so far!). Actually haven’t missed the hairdryer at all, I’ve been so ill sometimes, the last thing I would have been doing is blow drying my hair! 


I have had a little regrowth of a few mms, but it’s very sparse, still mostly skull. Look more like a baby hedgehog ? . Not sure if I will lose that again as I did another cycle of EC at the end. 

Just curious to know people’s experience and how long before you felt confident to go out with your own hair again.  Thanks. 

Hi Liloc 

I finished chemo in Dec 18, I didn’t lose all my hair, had it shaved 3 times during chemo, it was growing back bitty. 

I now have a full head of hair, it’s a lovely pixie ?‍♀️ style. 

My hair started to grow back in mid Feb, I went for my Radiotherapy scan first of Feb, and I had my photo taken for the treatment. I was wearing a hat in the photo. By the time radio finished on the 11th March, I had 15 sessions, all my hair had grown back.

I had EC and Paclitaxal. 

Lots of love 


My hair started to regrow in August while I was on Taxol and it was one of my New Year Resolutions not to cover my head except for weather reasons. I had my first hair cut last month and it moved from looking like an accidental pixie to a deliberate pixie. Strangely, the existing hair has now suddenly started to curl, which I wasn’t expecting - I’m aware of chemo curls but thought if it had grown out straight (which it had) it would stay straight, I hadn’t realised that the existing straight hair could just curl. Really weird!

Hi Liloc


I posted this in our November thread, but it might be useful for others who have finished chemo and are waiting for their hair to grow back!


This lady posted weekly post-chemo hair updates to her blog:


I know everyones growth rates will be different, but it’s nice to scroll through and see where my hair might be in a few months!