Hair removal - any ideas?

Hi all,
I have had all my chemo and 23/24 radiotherapy treatments and now my hair is starting to grow back. The trouble is, my son just told me I have a beard and I see what he means :frowning: I guess it’s a result of the upset to my hormones?
I used to use a hair removal cream pre-diagnosis, as I’ve always had a slightly downy face, but the chemicals in them must be pretty nasty.
Does anyone know of a gentler way to remove facial hair please?

Hi Starlight

Are you sure that the hairs are that bad? If you only have a couple I think that a pair of tweezers should do the trick.

However, rather than remove them what about bleaching them with Jolen facial bleach, but, whatever you do, please make sure that you do a skin test first as your skin is probably hyper-sensitive? I think it might be best to wait until after you have completed your rads, but please double-check with your oncologist to see what they advise before you go putting anything onto your face.

On the plus side though, at least it is a sign that things are returning to normal, even if, like me I would rather the hairs that are appearing on my legs were on my eyelids and head instead!!!

what about threading - very cheap and thorough - if a salon near you does it…?

threading a good idea. its seems to be popping everywhere now as well where they do. some of the bigger department stores now have that service ( in makeup department) house of fraser or debenhams i have seen them in. gona have my eyebrow done i think after i have my rads in new year.

Ok Tommyticklemouse - just because you have eyebrows! Stop your boasting please!!!

Hi ladies,i use a battery run pen shaped tiny razor which i got from asda for 10 pound,it does a good job of getting rid of the downy light coloured hair on my face,just have to hide it from my hubby as u can use it on nose and ear hair to, i think it is made by jml that often advertises on the doesn’make the hair come back any thicker,sandrae x

ooops mazzalou - mouth foot … sorry!



Please don’t apologise Tommyticklemouse - just reveal the secret of your hair growing success!!!

Thanks everyone. I might give threading a go.
Typical, isn’t it, that the hair doesn’t grow back where you want it?

Hi, My EPI finished in November and my hair started growing back within a few weeks which was great but it also started to grow down the side of my face. I too have always had downy skin but this was excessive overgrowth and I looked like I was growing sideburns. I got my scissors out and trimmed it and it hasn’t grown back so I think it must have been a reaction to coming off the chemo. Perhaps it will be the same for you. Oddly the hair under my arms has been very slow to grow back, but sadly it is growing well now.

Sally XX