Hair replacement system

Hi all!
I am now starting to lose my hair for the third time after starting chemo again. Been looking into hair replacement systems as my hair is so thin now, even when it grew back last time, it was a pathetic effort.
So if anyone can recommend a hair replacement system they have used, i would be most grateful. Just want to feel normal!!!
Thank you


Hi Rachel

Whilst you wait for the other users to reply with their advice and experiences you might find it interesting to have a look at the webiste ‘my new hair’, it has lots of information on hair loss and wigs which may be helpful.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Rachael, there is a new shampoo/Conditioner out that comes from Canada and is called FAST. I understand that Boots will be selling it soon and it can be bought on wesites now. BUT I have heard that you cannot use it until 6 weeks after you stop chemo but not sure how or why and you would need to do some research to check that out. I have lost my hair and am still having chemo too so will give it a go later in the year. Meantime I will have to make do with my wig scarves and hats! Val

Hi Rachel
I have sent you a PM about the system I used.