Hair starting to fall :-( Anyone used/heard of Revitalash??

So the hair is falling…bang on time according to the info were given…week 2-3! So day 18 after my first round of Fec and its coming out :frowning: not clumps but enough to be upsetting me. I know we’re told to expect it but having used the cold cap on my first dose I was hoping I may escape the added upset…its tricky some people have said there’s an initial shedding and that it can ease of others say different!! Waiting game I guess. Also a friend to me about a product called Revitalsh you apply to you eyelid/lash line and its suppose to be amazing…a guy developed it years ago for his wife post illness. Any thoughts?

Got one wig I loved but now not sure on and 2 coming today with the hairdresser…hoping I like one if them, although I think I could look for years and never find one I like…!

2nd Fec on Friday…strangely looking forward to it- 2 down and 4 to go type thing!

V xx

Hi again, I can’t help you with the cold cap and hair loss as I chose not to do it. My husband shaved my hair off yesterday as the falling hair was annoying! I did shed a tear beforehand but feel surprisingly ok about it. I think a couple of the ladies on the December Angels 2013 thread I mentioned are using the cold cap. You can try to look up the monthly threads like October or November Newbies, they are slightly further along than us and may have experienced the initial hairloss after cold capping, so you might get some hints from them.
Hope to see you on the December Angels 2013 thread soon. There is another lady, Wyn, on the same schedule as you and I.
A x

Hi A

I kind of wish I was as brave as you and take the plunge and shave it off but I really can’t…I guess we have to find our own paths through this added stress!!

I’m currently sat in my ‘new’ hair and I’ve had it in for a couple of hours and my 6 year old hasnt noticed! Thinking of giving it, its first official outing in Friday when I go for treatment…think the first time out for us all is the hardest. My clinic is 5 mins from my house in Berkshire so will be a gentle intro to the outside world!

Hope Friday goes ok for you, because of the Xmas break I need to go to the clinic early for blood test then wait their call to say we’re on, come back! I’m hoping bloods are ok and its not delayed! The quicker we start this the quicker it finishes I say!

V xx

OMG, yes I am!! I’m in Ascot!!

I’ve finished my chemo now- last treatment 2.10.13 - only managed one tax so had to return to FEC so had 5 of those in total. I decided to have my hair shaved off before 2nd FEC treatment as it was falling out in handfuls. It is just growing back, also leg and armpit hair ( sorry to see the last 2 returning!) My eyebrows and lashes returned 3 weeks ago - but those were the most upsetting to lose. I painted in eyebrows and also pencilled eye liner along my eyelids. Wore a wig in public, but have made the decision not to wear it again when I return to work next Monday. Have a blub about the loss of the hair, but it will return! All the best.

Thanks Ro21. Wish I’d commented/joined the forum months ago I’ve been very lucky, had family support throughout. My daughter, whose a hairdresser and nail technician, helped by trimming my wig into a similar style to my own hair, and also gave me manicures and pedicures so prevented my nails from falling out. Wen