Hair thinning / hair loss on Tamoxifen

Hello, I’m just about to start on Tamoxifen and my naturally fine hair has just started to grow back following chemo (throughout my life my hair has always really helped with my self-confidence).

Are there any Tamoxifen brands that ‘don’t’ cause hair thinning / hair loss  or  does anyone know what brand of Tamoxifen is the biggest culprit for causing hair thinning / hair loss?

Thanking you in advance of your responses.


Happy Saturday MajesticTiger,

Well done to you for getting this far with your treatment, so pleased to read your hair is growing back so important to us and makes us feel good.

I so sorry can help you with your question re Tamoxifen hopefully someone else will post with more information. I just wanted to wishing you lots of luck going forward.

biggest hugs brave lady Tili :rainbow: :rainbow: