Hair thinning under arms (etc)

Hi all,

Since starting Letrozole and Zoladex (been on them since Sep) I recently realised that I rarely have to shave under my arms. The hair seems to be getting more sparse. Then the other day I realised that my pubes also seem more sparse. Not sure about my legs - possibly. However, the hair on my head seems ok (in fact my hairdresser thought it was a bit thicker!).
Has anyone else noticed this whilst taking hormones? As the hair which is thinning is hormone related, I suppose it does make some sort of sense. But I thought we got more body hair when we got older!

I hope I get a similar result, that would be something to look forward to at last! Like you my head hair is the same as always, but I’d be pleased if the underarm hair and pubes thin out. Never had any visible hair on my legs so can’t comment on that aspect.
I thought hair thins as we age? If you look around at old people they generally, both men and women, have thinner head hair. But us women tend to get whiskery chins and peach fuzz cheeks once we’re post-menopausal.

I am Letrozole, been on it since August. I dont have a single hair under my arms. Pubes, though have given me and my husband a bit of a laugh, they have grown back normally at the sides and underneath, but I’ve got a big bald patch at the front. As for legs I never had much there and the hair on my head is very thick, as it was before.
I have noticed some light downy hair on my face.