hi was just wondering if any one else had this ive had chemo fin in sept hair started to grow back but ive got some now growing on my face down both sides was wondering if any one else got this and what the best way to remove it was and hhow long it last

Hi Laura, are you on any hormone drugs ie Tamoxifen? I am on that and felt when my hair started to return that my face seemed a bit hairy but it seems ok now and didnt do anything to get rid of it! (Finished chemo Aug 09) Just dealing with the unruly curls at the moment - still cant get over how diff my hair is! x

im not on any hormone therapy , but still have the hair on my face, i have come to the conclusion that they were perhaps always there but never noticed them, as i was talking to my friend the other day, who has not had bc, the sun was shining behind her and i noticed the hairs on her face, so who knows
julie x