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My mother in law is 82yrs old. In March she underwent a double mastectomy, followed by 3wks of radiotheraphy. She has a mobile hair dresser, who comes to do her hair at home and has asked about having a perm done but the hair dresser has told her that it is too soon after her radiotheraphy to have this done.

Can anyone advise her on this matter or where would she be able to find out about this. She finished her treatment about a month ago and is just taking tablets now.

thank you


I am so sorry that your Mother in Law has been through such a difficult time.

I was told it takes two months to get the radiotherapy out of the system…I would check with the her doctor first though.

Hugs Val.

I didnt think that radiotheraphy could effect the hair on your head - not if it was given to the chest area! Perhaps your mother-in-law’s hairdresser has been misinformed.Check with your doctor…and wish your mam- in- law all the best!

Dear mazzy You are welcome to send your query by email to the nurses on our ‘Ask the Nurse’ service, you can find this under the ‘Support for you’ tab on the left of this page. Alternatively, our helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm on 0808 800 6000, our team will be able to provide you with advice.

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