After having straight hair for 50 years+ , after chemotherapy, my hair has regrown extremely curly, can anyone say if this is likely to stay or reurn to normality and be straight again?

After having FEC in 2004 my hair was curly and very grey, but it returned to normal (mostly dark brown and straight) over the next year or so.
I finished taxotere in October 2006, but my hair is very slow growing (about 1"-2") as well as curly. Can anyone out there reassure me that it will return to normal?

hi Ladies,

I was just writing about my hair in another post. I had lovely long straight blonde hair before chemo and now it looks like pubic hair, its thick, brown and has a wave, this isnt me, and it seems to have stopped growing at about one and half inches, i wonder if its me thinking its not growing but im so sure it hasnt grown for a couple of months. I want my blonde hair back!


My hair is still brown now at 43 but starting to come out. I’m worried it’s going to come back grey after chemo.


Ladies just be thankfull you have some hair as i am now 18 months after chemo and still no hair! although i now have a beautiful wig, ‘chemo head’ still looks out at me every night!

Fair point. Hope yours comes back soon. 18 mths sounds like quite a while to wait.

Actually quite a bit came out last night but as a steady trickle as I touched it. I can’t particularly feel any bald spots as yet so think it was just a general thinning all over. The first time I had the scalp cooler I didn’t think it was touching right on the top of the head as it should. Second time I used the bigger hat which seemed to pull down more snugly on top (less pointy in the middle).

Somewhat miraculously there was very little on the pillow this morning so I must have done a good job removing the loose bits last night. Now I’m sitting here wondering whether to shampoo or not to shampoo when I go in the shower in a mo. It’s quite greasy and needs it. I’m sort of thinking if it’s going to come out it will whether I do it today or tomorrow, but now is probably easier to deal with it if it does as the kids are both out and I can take my time.

Meanwhile I’m still on the search for funky cotton/acrylic beanies, probably in more masculine than feminine colours (can’t stand pink). Possibly the ones with the coloured flames down the side are a bit much though… ??? Do they do adult sized Disney ones or something?

So far, I’ve asked Mum to see if she can get me one of these in NZ, but I think I’ll need something a bit sooner…