I just made this amazing thing that I have to share. Im gonna use cold caps so I cut my hair but Im making a few things to wear out of the house.


What I am making is hats with clip in hair extensions from peacocks. For a straight one its £10 for a wavy one its £6


The straight one I used to make this
Picture 94.jpg


Then the wavey one I used to make this

Which looks so amazing im so excited!! Woooo

Picture 95.jpg


What you do is get a thin hat that doesnt irritate your scapl. Clip the hair piece around the outside of it. Then put your hat, bandana etc on top of that. So you have your hair hat is fixed and you can put any normal hat with it.


Hi whatisdharmakaya

Sorry that you havent had a reply, but thank you for sharing such a great idea.

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