I wondered if anyine else is experiencing what I have discovered today…very fine blonde hairs all over my face (more noticable around the jawline) and neck!
Its really fuzzy and its making me look like a peach!

Please please do not tell me this is the start of me growing a beard???!!

I lost all my hair through chemo which ended at the end of August and I am having very good regrowth everywhere else as well as the face!

If any of you ladies have had or are having this problem what have you done about it? I dont wanna be stuck with a fuzzy face!

Regards to you all


Hi Julie, I had what you are experiencing when I first started taking Tamoxifen. I bought some Boots facial hair remover but never got around to using it. Mercifully the fuzz went away after a few months. So, hang on in there, I’ve read of others who have initially experienced the same.

Maggie xx

Should I be having the hairy face even though I am not on any treatment?
Apart from radiotherapy which i start on monday thats it for me as I am triple negative.

Im hoping im not gonna be stuck with this…i dont fancy the nickname fuzzy face! :o)

Hi Julie

I finshed my chemo at the end of feb and when my hair started to regrow found that I was covered in down like hair everywhere a bit like a baby, I was reassured by other girls on this site that it was perfectly normal and to leave it alone as it would slowly disappear. People used to comment about the amount of fuzz on my face which is a bit unnerving at 39 years of age when trying to remain funky and trying to start to look like normal again, but I am pleased to say that it has all disappeared now. Sorry I cant give you a time frame as it’s one of those instances when you suddenly realise you are no longer fuzzy. I am also triple neg and have finished all my treatment now, good luck with your radiotherapy.

Take Care


Hi Julie,
I finished treatment in September and started on Tamoxifen and Zoladex at the time and experienced exactly the same thing. I think it has more to do with the hair regrowth after losing it all than the hormone tablets. It seems to have receded a bit now, maybe I have got used to it but I do think it is not as bad as a couple of months ago… So here’s hoping it all goes away in the end. I am lucky and very fair too, it must be worst for dark haired people.