Hi, I am new to the forum. I have just started on Halaven for stage 4 triple negative breast cancer. This is my seventh chemo. I have been very sick on previous Chemo. This is my second round of halevan and the Side effects are better but not great. Wondering when I will lose my hair? I also have a friend who wants me to try a Raw vegan diet. Has anyone tried this? Wondering if it would help with side effects?

Hi Stacey, welcome to the forum . I haven’t been on your treatment, but hope that someone will be along shortly to offer support. I can offer my experiences with diet and side effects, though. I was on EC- T. I read up on diets, and was particularly impressed by  the research on fasting. Knowing my body and how much I love food ? I went part way and did a liquid diet for three days. The day before chemo, the day of and the day after. My husband made fresh soups for  me, including ones with ginger and turmeric. Ginger helps with nausea and turmeric is an anti oxidan . I also had a smoothie for breakfast, which always had oats included that helps you feel full, as well as stopping constipation. There’s a thread on here about fasting. I did pretty well on it.  Personally I think your body is in such uproar with chemo that it could be difficult to cope with a raw veggie diet. However, dietary stuff is very personal and everyone has their own thoughts. Best wishes. X

Thank you for your response. I am going to try some vegetable juices with Tumeric and ginger before and after chemo as well as some smoothies to see if this will help with the G.I. side effects. Thanks again