Half dozen liver mets

I have liver mets which are very small. I had oestrogen positive Cancer so I have been taking Arimadex.
I am so terrified I can hardly breathe. Oncologist has changed my medication to Tomoxxifen.
Has anyone had results from this? I don’t want chemotherpy again. I was just getting my life on track.
I am seeing the Oncologist in July.
Even the BCN cried when he told me. Blood tests indicate everything is normal.
Please help me.?

Louis,so sorry about your latest diagnosis. We all understand how you feel.
If you are ER+ (hormone positive ) you have lots of options. But somewhere along the line chemo will have to come into play. You need to write down all your questions to ask onc when you see him. My hubby does the asking as I’m concentrating on not crying . It is helpful to take someone with you for support and an extra pair of ears.
If you are not menopausal Tamoxifen is a good drug and people have good results with it.
Hugs,Helen xxxx

Hi Louis, hope Tamoxifen works well for you. I was scared of having chemotherapy, I thought I would lose all quality of life but somehow we adapt and I have truly found some chemo, have had three types now, very doable. Take Care. X

Hi Louis
I too have liver mets which were diagnosed 4 or so years after my bone mets and I know what you are feeling right now. It’s so scary but I did find a huge amount of support and knowledge from this forum so Its definitely the place to share those fears. One thing I would suggest us to have a liver biopsy if they can do one. This will be based on any of the lesions being able to be accessed. The reason is that your receptor status can change from your primary diagnosis, especially your HER2 status. I learnt from the forum that up to 30% of HER2 - BC can change to HER2+ and this then changes your treatment options. Mine changed after nearly 10 years of being HER2- to HER2+ and my onc was more surprised than I was when I got the results back. Having said that if your BC is still just hormone positive then hormone treatment would still work. The other treatment option that I went on and many ladies on here with soft tissue mets are on/ have been on is Capecitabine.this is a tablet form of chemo that has none of the nasty side effects of IV chemo. This may be worth discussing with you oncologist as well. If your blood results are all good it’s a good sign that the mets are not affecting them in any way and they can be used as a guide to how things are. Normally you will have a scan about 3 months into any new treatment to see how things have changed. Btw your BCN needs a kick up the whatsit. What on earth was he doing crying? That doesn’t help anyone let alone the patient. Please check out one if the liver mets threads there are many ladies with liver mets living with their diagnosis years after it’s happened, me included.
Nicky x

hi louis


i too was initally diagosed with liver mets and am est positive. i was put on tamoxifen and it worked very well for 3.5 years with very little side effects. i also had a liver ablation where they burn out the cancer in the liver. sounds horrible but really not. overnight stay in hospital. 

4 years on from diagnosis i am still well sand fit and working full time in a demanding job. am currently on a trial drug but if that stopped working there is a huge raft of drugs - old and new ones that will allow you to carry on with quality of life. 




Hi Louis

I am sorry to read that you are so worried, don’t forget our helpliners are here for you too

I am posting a link to the BCC secondary pages where you will find Information about treatments and further support ideas , I hope this helps :


Take care
Lucy BCC

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