Halfway through

Hi, I have done 7 days of the 15 of my radiotherapy sessions, all gone well so far, I have felt very tired each evening but am sleeping fine. Skin has only just started feeling a bit itchy (not wanting to scratch it, just feels tickly under the skin) and pinking up very faintly, am doing as told by hospital and applying Aqueous cream each evening, also smear that across treatment area while showering to protect the skin. So far haven’t had to wait to long for my slot, staff wonderful very chatty and friendly & nice music playing in the room while I have it done. Bit bothered about what my skin will be like after another 7 days, but onwards and upwards!

That’s encouraging! I am not starting until April but good to know when not as bad as I fear. Hope it continues to go well xx

Now finished.
Skin didn’t break or blister til after four weeks, and exhaustion only really kicked in now, five weeks after my first rads. Was advised to now take a short break ( a few days) rather than soldiering on at work. Let’s see if u can!

Hi All I’m waiting to see the Oncologist & Radiotherapist to plan my radiotherapy treatment. Can I please ask whether you have been going to work or have been signed off whilst going thru your treatment? TKU in advance.