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Hallo Again

Hallo Again I have started this new topic on behalf of HelenM

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I used to post here in 2003, when I had BC, chemo and radio. Have been clear up to now, but have a ‘recurrence’.

Following a clear mammo, I asked about some lumpy skin on my breast. Had a scan, and biopsy, and was told yesterday that I have what seems to be a local recurrence. Having bone scan tomorrow , then CT, then results Thursday 10th.

I am sure I don’t need to describe how I feel, that is one reason I have come back to the board. I found it so helpful last time.

Helen xxx

Thinking of you Helen I know how you are feeling as I had a recurrence last month after 17 years, did not show on mammogram but picked up on ultrasound.
Had all the tests again but mastectomy not indicated as low grade invasive carcinoma - am 68 - and am shortly going to start Arimidex which I hope I can tolerate as I had to stop Tamoxifen after 3 years on account of the horrendous hot flushes. Am thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed.

Hallo Again Thank you Olivia, your post is most welcome, and I wish you all the very best.

Helen xxx

Hi Helen,

Would like to wish you good luck with the scans tomorrow and the results next week. It is a real downer to find it has come back again - but dont despair. I was first dx 17 years ago and have had a few recurrences!!! But still doing well and enjoying life. I see you live in Wallington so guess that means you are being treated at the Sutton Marsden. Are you under Steve Johnston? When you have some sort of schedule for treatment etc. it would be nice to exchange what dates were are there and perhaps meet up if they coinicide.

lol Dawnhc

Hi Helen!

I too was first diagnosed with bc in 2003 and had a mastectomy, chemo and rads, followed by Tamoxifen. Two years ago I was rediagnosed with a new primary/recurrence in my other breast. Like yours, it affected my skin. I had chemo followed by Herceptin and my breast tumour has completely gone. I am now on Xeloda to clear up the skin. Hope all goes well for you, Helen.


Hallo Dawn

Thank you for your lovely reply, I feel much better having read it. Yes, I am at Sutton, under Mr Querci della Rovere. I guess you are under Mr Johnson? I would love to meet you, and will let you know when I get the plan.

I see you are in my area, and have a business. Might be nice for me to drop in. I’m not sure what the rules are about posting addresses etc, etc on this board, though.


Hallo Susieq,

I thought I remembered you name from 2003, thank you so much for your post. It helps so much to read others experiences.

Will let you all know what happens.

Helen. xxx

hallo again Helen I’m thinking of you the wait is horrible let us know soon
xx Mollie M

HI Mollie,

Thank you for your post. Will let you know the results. Take care,

Helen xxx

Hi again Helen,

I use the same nick there as well - left a message for you in the Welcome Forum :slight_smile:

lol Dawnhc

Hallo Again Thanks for your message on the other forum, Dawn. OK to use that for a private chat ?

Still learning the ropes…

Helen xxx LOL

Hallo Again Hallo Dawn,

Thank you for your invite to a Private Chat, the other board wouldn’t let me do it, so have emailed you.

HelenM xxx